Using Nest Hello Without Subscription? Pros and Cons

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Nest Hello is one of the best home security devices. It allows users to use the device with or without their subscriptions. Although there might not be many advantages using Nest Hello without an edge, there are some additional edges that you can enjoy on the Nest Hello device with no subscription. Being that the smart doorbell is one of the most purchased in the market.

NEST Aware subscription gives all the features of the smart doorbell, but if you are interested in getting the device with no subscription, here are some few things you’ll need to know. 

Is It Possible to Use Nest Hello Doorbell Without Subscription?

As a customer who is trying to purchase a smart doorbell, the first thing you would think is that the device probably needs a subscription for it to activate, and since the Nest Hello doorbell is a collaboration with Google and NEST, the device cannot protect and record videos unless you have their paid subscription. 

It is possible for you to use the Nest Hello without the Nest Aware subscription. You would be able to still get access to live footage from the Nest product and still have access to get notifications from the app whenever someone is at the door. 

However, you wouldn’t get as many useful features that are only available in Nest Aware, like saving video clips. Let’s take a look at the benefits of having Nest Hello without subscription.

What Can a Nest Camera Do Without Subscription?

Nest Hello without subscribing to Aware is a given option by the NEST and Google Team. The Nest Aware is just integrating additional features that are useful for the device and other Nest products, and not really necessary to purchase for if you aren’t interested in paying. 

Below is a table on what the Nest camera can do without subscription and what it can’t do:

No expenses on subscriptionNo access to save video footage of past events
Access to 24/7 live footageAlerts are mostly false alarms
Access to sensor and motion alertsNest camera cannot capture still images
Nest camera takes snapshots when it detects relevant motion.Deletes video history events after 3 hours
Up to 3 hours of event video history

Nest Hello without subscription loses a lot of access to the amazing features of the device. From recording footage, setting up of activity zones and intelligent alerts. Although, users can find it handy if they only need it to stream live footage. 

Is There a Monthly Fee for Nest Hello?

Since Nest Hello made it optional to subscribe or not, many people have been indecisive about their choice. The Nest Aware can be the best option for many because it offers several interactive features with the ability to personalize it to the users’ interest. 

Although it’s a bit pricier than its competitors, Nest aware offers a monthly fee subscription to your Nest Hello. Buyers can either pay for the Nest Aware plan, which is $6 per month, giving 30 days of past event footage or the Nest Aware Plus, which is $12 per month, giving 60 days of past event footage.

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While the price is more than NEST Hello competitor Ring Protect Basic, which is $3 per month. The subscription does have its own advantages.

What Does Nest Aware Offer?

Nest Aware covers all the useful features you need in a smart doorbell. If you have a Nest ecosystem, the Nest Aware covers all the Nest products in your home like, Nest cam indoor and outdoor, Nest thermostat and much more. 

Features provided by Aware Subscription: 

  • 24/7 continuous footage for 10 days is stored safely in the cloud. If you would like this feature, it could be found in Nest Aware Plus plan.
  • Footage history events: The Nest Aware plan for $6 allows you to view events on your connected device for the past 30 days. If you would want to double the days, then you could subscribe for the Plus plan. 
  • Activity Zones: This is a top feature that allows your camera to focus on a certain area of your property. Any sort of motion will trigger to alert the user.
  • Nest Aware uses Google AI to notify you of the face that is detected by the doorbell, whether it’s familiar or not. 
  • Custom alerts: The custom alerts send notifications to users whenever a package has been dropped on the doorstep and alerts users on different sounds depending on the selected ones. The AI can differentiate the sound of a human or an animal, so if you customize it to alert for any sound, even cars, it will.

Now you know everything about Nest Hello.


Nest Hello has made it easier for purchasers to have a safe home even without paying for a subscription. Although Nest Aware and Nest Aware Plus have all features, you could use to make your smart home even safer, the Nest Hello without subscription is a great option if you’re planning to keep your home simple but smart.

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