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Use these Apps for an Amazing Homeschool Gym Class

Last Updated Oct 30, 2021
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Many states in the US require that students, including homeschoolers, engage in at least one form of physical health education, such as a gym class. But if you’re homeschooling your kids and don’t have time to drive to the nearest park or live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard, just how exactly can parents fulfill this requirement? Enter: health apps for kids.

There are many kid-friendly health apps you can find on app stores that can help you engage your children with exercise and physical health education within the confines of home. In the remainder of this article, we’ll cover five popular health apps that are a hit with the little ones.  

1.    Swork-It Kids

Swork-It Kids is the go-to mobile app for both schools and homeschooling parents looking to incorporate some form of physical education and activity into their curriculum. The app features video and audio instructions that help you guide your kids through its age-appropriate exercises.

Your kids can choose from a list of exercises, including those that focus on:

  • Warm-Ups
  • Strength Training
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Burning Energy

You can also create a custom workout for your kids, all for free, with no membership required. Information about each activity (i.e., duration, calories burned) is available at the end of the workout.

2.    GoNoodles Kids

Starting as a popular kids’ fitness show on YouTube, GoNoodles Kids has transformed into one of the most used health apps for children worldwide. The app is loaded with lots of games and videos designed to encourage kids to get off the couch and move.  

The app uses open computer vision and machine learning technology to detect your kids’ movements, so your kids can participate in a series of free mini-games simply by ducking, waving, and even jumping. This helps wake their bodies, improve their physical and mental health without even leaving the house.

3.    7-Minute Workout for Kids

A workout session doesn’t have to be lengthy or require expensive gym equipment. Your kids can exercise from home with this 7-Minute Workout for Kids app. The app, which features pictorial instructions, allows your children to participate in up to 30 kid-friendly exercises like jumping jacks, push-ups, and stretches.

You can also create a customized workout and monitor your kids’ exercise progress by syncing the app with the Apple Health app. Currently, 7-Minute Workout for Kids offers users a free trial version with the option of upgrading to a pro version for more advanced features.  The app is only available for iOS devices.

4.    Sweat Deck

Sweat Deck is a user-friendly app that features a series of exercises easy for both parents and kids to enjoy. It uses a virtual deck of cards to help you mix up fitness routines, so it never gets boring.

Using the Sweat Deck app is simple: just select a specific exercise from the deck and perform the number of reps shown on the card you’re given. Kids can even interact with the app by choosing their own cards!

Sweat Deck is currently only available on iOS devices.

5.    Down Dog

Currently free for students and teachers until January 2021, the Down Dog app helps you create a yoga studio-like experience for your kids from the comfort of your home. With the app, you can choose from several levels—beginner, amateur, and experts. (Beginner level is recommended for younger children.)

You can set a yoga class’ pace, practice duration, focus, and have your kids explore various yoga routines and lessons. The Down Dog app allows you and your kids to get the best of yoga coaching with voice and video prompts.

While Down Dog is currently free, you can subscribe to its pro-version for more music and meditation features.

Get Your Kids Active & Out of Your Hair

Engaging your children with exercise is not only beneficial for educational purposes but also helps them improve their overall health. While it may appear as a challenge introducing your children to the world of physical education, creating an easy to follow workout session for your kids is the secret.

You can involve the use of rewards to boost your kids’ interest in physical health-related activities. More importantly, with tons of free mobile apps targeted at helping your children exercise, you are sure to find the right one for your homeschool fitness lessons.

To learn more about how apps and other smart technology can help make homeschooling for kids easy and fun, check out this article!

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