Ultraloq Smart Lock Compatibility with Google Home

Door lock with someone holding the handleDoor lock with someone holding the handle

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The decision of what type of Smart Lock system you should get for your home depends on the central system of the house. Are you wondering if to get the U-Bolt Pro and don’t know if it will work with Google Home?

The Ultraloq smart lock is compatible with Google Home. It also works with Apple Alexa, Samsung Smartthings and IFTTT.

In this article, we will discuss the compatibility range of Ultraloq systems and how to pair them with Google assistant. We will also discuss the general benefits of using a smart lock system rather than an average door lock. Fasten your seatbelts and keep reading!

Compatibility of Ultraloq Smart Lock

The Ultraloq Lock system is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice commands. It also works with smart home hubs like Ring alarm, Hubitat elevation, Samsung smart things, and IFTTT. With Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, you can connect the lock to the U-Tec app on your smartphone and control your doors remotely.

The U-Bolt Pro Wifi Smart Lock

The crown jewel of Ultraloq products, the U-Bolt Pro Wifi Smart Lock, is a great example of the various properties of Ultraloq products. With built-in Wifi, Bluetooth, and a Door Sensor, you get maximum convenience as you do not need an extra hub to connect to WiFi.

Some of its properties are:

  • Guest access: With the U-Bolt Pro, you can give access to anybody to enter the home remotely while retaining the power to withdraw the access anytime. This is a very important feature; you can give your cleaner access at a time weekly.
  • Increased security: With the door locking behind you when you close it, you no longer need to worry about forgetting to lock your home.
  • Smart auto-lock: With the door sensor that comes with the U-Bolt Pro, there is a feature

Now, if you already have an Ultraloq smart lock and are stumped about how to connect it to Google assistant, you are again in the right place. Read on!

How to Connect Ultraloq Smart Lock to Google Assistant

Before starting, ensure that your Ultraloq bridge is plugged in and paired with your Ultraloq. Also, make sure that the device running your Google Assistant and your smartphone is connected to the internet.

After these are done, follow these steps to connect the Ultraloq to Google assistant:

  • Open your U-Tec app on your smartphone. Add the lock to the list and give it a name. The name will be the command you’ll be giving to Google Assistant to control the lock.
  • Open The Google Home app. Tap the User logo. Go to more settings and then go to home control under Assistant. Tap the + button to add the Ultraloq system to Google Assistant. Use the search option and input “U-Tec.”
  • In the next pop-up, input your U-Tec username and password and log in.
  • After logging in, you will get a notification to authorize Google Assistant to control the lock. Click authorize notifications and set your security lock.
  • Choose the device location, and all is done. You can now control your smart locks with Google Assistant commands.

After connecting your smart lock to Google, it is not uncommon to wonder what connection protocol it uses aside from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Is Ultraloq Z-Wave Compatible?

The new Ultraloq U-Bolt Z Wave Smart lock works with your smart home system and a Z wave hub. You can lock and unlock your home from anywhere with this lock. Additionally, you can also give someone access remotely.

The Z Wave Ultraloq is supremely convenient to use, and it gives impeccable security. It allows you to unlock with your security code, key, or smartphone via Bluetooth.

Benefits of Using a Smart Lock system

Why invest in a Smart Lock system when you can just use your normal door with keys? After all, you have been using it for decades, and it works just fine. Well, except for the one time the keys were misplaced, and you had to have the lock replaced. Otherwise, it works perfectly.

Here are the advantages of using a Smart home lock system:

  • Accessibility: With the available technology, you no longer have to worry about keys and where you placed them. You can create lock codes for everybody with access to your home. You can also create a control system where some of the codes won’t work at some times and the number of unlocking times.
  • Notification: This is a fantastic option to have. You get alerts on your smartphone whenever anybody enters your home. You also know when a door is left unlocked and which user locked or opened one.
  • Ability to control remotely: Another important feature of smart locks is that you can lock or unlock your doors from anywhere. Forgot to lock the door when leaving home? No problem. Want to allow someone in for a service? No problem.
  • Increased security:  With smart lock systems, it is borderline impossible for burglars to break in through your door. This, with the massive convenience, ensures that smart lock systems are worth their weight in gold.

 With these gains over regular lock doors, it can be concluded that there is no contest whatsoever!


If you are considering splashing the cash on a smart lock system, Ultraloq is one of the best options available. The Ultraloq U-Bolt and U-Bolt Pro are the leading smart lock brands in the industry. Their products are very diverse, as they work with Google Homes, Samsung Smart Things, Apple Alexa, and IFTTT.

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