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Toshiba TV Will Not Turn On. 7 Fixes to Try!

Last Updated Mar 31, 2022
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There is very little that is more frustrating than purchasing a brand new TV for hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and it’s not doing the most important thing: turning on. So, what do you do when your Toshiba TV will not turn on?

Let’s check out these seven fixes to get your Toshiba TV to get your TV back up and running again. Read on to learn more about why your TV won’t turn on and what you can do!

What to do When Your Toshiba TV Won’t Turn On

Sometimes, TVs don’t turn on when you tell them to. Which can, of course, be infinitely frustrating.

 If your Toshiba TV isn’t turning on, you can try:

  • Checking your cables and outlets 
  • Checking your remote
  • Checking your TV’s hardware
  • Unplugging and plugging it back in
  • Factory resetting

Replace Your Cables And Check Your Outlets

It’s a likely possibility that your cables have been chewed, fried, or are faulty to begin with. Perhaps they came out of the box that way, or they simply stopped working. 

Here are a few things you should do:

  • Check that each cable connection is free of dirt and debris, is not chewed or open, and is connected properly.
  • Investigate your outlets or surge protectors. Are they clean? Do you see the power indicator light on? Plug in other devices, like a phone charger, to see if those are receiving power. 

If after you replace your cables, and determine the power is transmitting from the surge protector or outlet, and your Toshiba TV still does not turn on, move to the next step.

Get Your Remote’s Signal to Reach

Oftentimes, the signal between your remote and the TV is blocked. Stand close to the TV, move around, and see if you can’t get a signal to your TV. Sometimes, the issue is that the receiver end of your TV is blocked. Move any devices/ decor out of the way. You can also determine if this is the issue by attempting the physical power button on your Toshiba TV.

Here is a YouTube video demonstrating how to fix a TV remote that is not working. If you’d like to learn more about Toshiba, click here.

Check the Hardware

Make sure that the physical components of the TV, or hardware, are not damaged, dirty, or unplugged.  Check out the TV panel – are there scratches, dings, or water damage? With the latest technology, even the smallest scratches or bits of liquid can completely fry the panel.

What to Do If Your TV Turns On and Shuts Off Again

A common problem for all TVs, having a TV turn on just to shut off again over and over can be very frustrating. The good news is, a quick reset should fix the capacitors on the circuit board. 

Here’s how to reset your TV:

  1. Disconnect the power supply and external devices
  2. Leave it disconnected for 30 minutes to an hour, allowing your TV to do a soft reset.
  3. Plug the power cord back in
  4. Turn the TV back on

If it still turns on and shuts off again, you may need to replace the unit.

What to Do If Your TV Turns On By Itself

Now this one is pretty freaky, but also very common. Below, we’ll go over some reasons why your TV may be turning on by itself and how to fix it.

Check the Power Buttons

Check to see if one of the power buttons is stuck/broken. Thoroughly clean the remote and replace the batteries, while also cleaning the TVs manual power button. You may be able to take the batteries out before bed until you can replace it. 

Check If a Timer Was Set On Your TV

There may have been a timer turned on inside the settings of the TV

Here’s how to check if it has:

  1. Go into the settings of your TV. 
  2. Under preferences, there will be a clock/timer button. 
  3. Turn this off. 
  4. Even if it is already off, toggle it on and set it to off.

Now, let’s move on to the next solution.


If you go through this list and still do not find success, there are repair shops that can take your TV, or you can have a repairman come to your home (probably easier for your 65 inch TV). They will at least be able to diagnose your TV’s symptoms.