Z-wave controllers are hubs designed to help you configure and control all your home’s Z-wave smart devices, from light dimmers to smart locks. However, with many Z-wave controllers available on the market, finding the best one for your home that’s compatible with all your devices—and cost-effective—can be quite the challenge.

We’re here to help. In this article, we’ll be listing five of the most budget-friendly Z-wave controllers in 2020 and discussing what makes them stand out from the rest.  

1.    Samsung SmartThings 3rd Generation

For greater smart home control, Samsung has the SmartThings 3rd generation hub, which features a few upgrades from its earlier versions. The devices can be used wirelessly or wired and allows you to connect it to multiple devices from anywhere in your home. It also comes with an ethernet port in case you want to plug it in directly to your home’s router, although it’s not required.

One of the favored updates with this newest model is connecting to smart devices via Wi-Fi rather than only using Zigbee and Z-wave, making it compatible with even more devices.

Better yet, the hub is easy to set up and can be configured through the SmartThings mobile app (available on Android phones and mobile devices).

SmartThings is currently available on Amazon for about $70.

2.    Aeotec Z-Stick Z-Wave Hub USB

If you are after creating your own dedicated Z-wave gateway without cloud interference, then the Aeotec Z-stick is your best choice. It is a plug and play device with a rechargeable battery capable of connecting up to 232 Z-wave and Z-wave plus devices. It also offers you the ability to connect to these devices up to 492 feet away.  

However, it needs to be connected to a software system like openHAB (and openHAB2), Home Seer, Indigo 7, or Home Assistant to function at its best. The Aeotec Z-stick is locally hosted, which gives you a secure hub that can be easily controlled from your smartphone.

3.    Securfi Almond Plus Home Controller

The Securfi Almond Plus is a touchscreen home router that features a Z-wave controller hub; this eliminates the need for an additional hub to link to your router. It is currently compatible with several Z-wave and Wi-Fi-enabled smart devices, including thermostats, light switches, smoke detectors, locks, and security cameras. It also works with an Amazon Alexa device for voice controls.

The Securfi Almond features an in-built function that allows you to receive security alerts if your door or windows are accessed in your absence. It also comes with a dedicated mobile app for controlling your existing smart devices remotely.

Furthermore, the Securfi Almond controller offers you a one-year warranty and Wi-Fi network coverage of up to 200 feet. And, with the integration of Alexa, you can create scenes for your home lighting and locks. For example, you can program your hub to automatically turn off your lights by 8 pm even in your absence.

4.    Insteon Central Controller Hub

If you want a life-transforming experience with your Z-wave smart devices, then the Insteon Controller is a great choice. This Z-wave controller allows you to configure and control all your connected Z-wave devices from your smartphone. It is compatible with Z-wave devices and uses a mesh network that prevents interruption with your existing network.

The Insteon Controller’s major selling point is its ability to work as a repeater, thereby preventing the need for installation of multiple repeaters. Furthermore, this device is easy to set up and integrates with Alexa, Google Home, and the Nest thermostat. Also, like the Securfi controller, you can create schedules for your home thermostat and smart lighting.

5.    Vera Control – VeraPlus

Vera Control is one of the most innovative companies in the smart home controller industry, and there’s no mistaking it with its Z-wave home controller, VeraPlus.

One of this Z-wave controller’s intriguing features is that all the connected devices run on the hub without the need for an internet connection. This makes the VeraPlus a prudent choice if you reside in an area with a poor or limited network connection. Also, since it the device is not cloud-based, you have direct access/control over your information.

According to users, the VeraPlus doesn’t seem to work with Zigbee devices but works perfectly with Z-wave devices.

Get Your Money’s Worth!

The Z-wave smart home automation technology is developing as the day goes by. From multiple device integration to the Z-wave plus protocol’s recent release, finding the right Z-wave controller is your gateway to a smarter home environment.

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