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Top 4 Best Wall Mounts For The Nest Audio

Last Updated Jan 30, 2022
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While the Google Nest Mini has a built-in way to mount the device without added hardware, the Nest Audio speaker requires an added mount to place it on the wall. Since speakers deliver better sound quality when placed on or near the wall, mounting the Nest Audio can enhance your listening experience!

To make it easier for you to select the best wall mount for your Nest Audio speaker, we’ve put together our picks for the top four wall mounts for your Nest Audio. We’ve also outlined the key features for each mount and installation requirements to help you select the best (and safest) mount for your unique home!

Mount Genie Simple Built-In Wall Mount For Nest Audio

The Mount Genie Simple Built-In Wall Mount for the Nest Audio is a top pick for its overall design and performance. Key pros and cons for this choice are:


  • Product Specific: This wall mount is specifically designed to hold the Google Nest Audio speaker. The Nest Audio fits perfectly and securely 
  • Recessed Fit: The speaker fits into the mount without protruding, virtually ending the risk of the Nest Audio coming loose
  • Hardware: Everything you need to install the mount is provided, including a 6-foot extension for the Nest Audio power cord
  • Sound: The recessed design of this mount improves the sound quality of the Nest Audio


  • Installation: The mount is recessed into the wall and will require more complex installation. This mount may not be a choice for individuals who rent their apartment or home, or individuals that do not wish to cut into their walls to install a mount.

Vogel’s VLB 200 Universal Speaker Wall Bracket

The VLB 200 Universal Speaker Wall Bracket is an excellent choice for individuals that need a more secure hold than the cradle-style wall mounts provide. The key pros and cons of this choice are listed below.


  • Versatility: This mounting choice uses an adjustable clamp to hold the device in place. The mount is capable of securely holding devices between 2.8 and 11.8 inches wide and can support up to 45 lbs. If you wish to upgrade or replace the Nest Audio, the mount can still be used for another device.
  • Safety: This mount is sturdy and reliably holds much heavier devices than the Nest Audio and can be placed securely and safely without the risk of falling. 


  • Movement: The clamp style of this wall mount only allows for 90-degree rotation and 15-degree tilt.
  • Installation: The mount will require screwing into the wall to install the bracket, which may not be an excellent choice for individuals that live in an apartment or rent their home. 

Brainwavz Screwless Floating Mount Shelf

The Brainwavs Screwless Floating Mount shelf is a good choice for individuals who rent their apartment or home, or for individuals that don’t want to use nails or screws to mount their Nest Audio. Key pros and cons of this shelf choice are listed below:


  • Easy Installation: the floating shelf uses heavy-duty 3M adhesive strips to securely fasten it to the wall. Installation is completed in seconds
  • Multiple Uses: This option allows for easy placement and removal of the Nest Audio, as well as the ability to use this mounting choice for an added device


  • Weight Limit: The shelf has a maximum weight limit of 2.2 lbs. and cannot support heavier objects
  • Wall Damage: The adhesive strip used for screwless mounting may remove paint or wallpaper on some surfaces

The Mount Genie Easy Outlet Shelf

While The Mount Genie Easy Outlet Shelf is not technically a wall mount, it is one of our top picks due to its overall ease of installation and is an excellent option for most Nest Audio users. The key pros and cons of this choice are listed below:


  • Convenience: This option combines the easy installation of an outlet mount with the convenience of wall mounting. Unlike many outlet mounts, the stand for your device is to the side and does not block the open outlet
  • Versatility: This is a universal outlet shelf and can be used for other devices should you decide to move or replace your Nest Audio. 
  • Cord Management: The mount has built-in hidden cord storage inside the base of the stand


  • Limited Placement Options: This outlet mount uses a fixed outlet cover as the bracket. As it is not a standard wall mount options for placement are limited.


There you have it, our top four picks for the best overall wall mounts for the Nest Audio speaker with the highest ratings on Amazon and the key pros and cons for each choice. We hope this list aids you in finding the best wall mounting choice for your unique smart home needs!

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