Top 10 Senior Tech Gadgets on Amazon Right Now

Woman getting out of bed looking at her fitbit sense watchWoman getting out of bed looking at her fitbit sense watch

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With the baby boomer generation aging, the size of the “senior” population is increasing rapidly. With that increase comes a larger focus on the needs and wants of this pivotal demographic. Though this generation is thought to be tech naïve, many seniors have begun to embrace new technology and the changes it can make in their lives. With that in mind, in this article, we’ll be listing the top ten senior tech gadgets on Amazon.

Seniors, even more than many other age groups, have specific concerns and needs. To address those considerations, our ten selections have been broken into categories that identify the need the gadget most directly addresses.

1.      Amazon Kindle

For serious readers out there, the Amazon Kindle is a miracle.  You can download a book almost instantly into your reader, allowing quick access to information, how-to books, novels, and other information.  The Kindle allows the font to be easily adjusted, so limited eyesight is no longer an issue. 

Better yet, you can purchase the Kindle Unlimited subscription for about $10 a month for unlimited downloads. However, the Kindle Reader available on Amazon currently comes with three months of Kindle Unlimited for FREE!

2.      Fitbit

Active seniors enjoy exercise and improving their health, and the Fitbit makes a great tech tool for this. The Fitbit is a great way to monitor heart rate, steps taken via GPS, and keep in touch with loved ones. The Fitbit basic is on Amazon for around $130 without Alexa or about $180 with Alexa included. 

3.      Echo Dot with Alexa

Tech is wonderful, but can get complicated sometimes. Thankfully, Alexa can be a singular hub for your technology and uses voice activation to access these smart devices within your home. The Echo Dot is a smart speaker that will enable you to communicate with Alexa hands-free.

The Echo Dot with Alexa is available on Amazon for around $50.00.  You can also upgrade and include video phone capability for about $100 more.

4.      Passwords Fast

This offline device allows you to store usernames and passwords in an encrypted format.  The information is easily located when you can’t possibly remember the 16th version of your most recent password!

5.      Hamilton Beach Electric Jar Opener

Arthritis is no joke, and trying to open those jars can be almost impossible.  Problem solved with the Hamilton Beach Electric Jar Opener!

Simply position the jar, press the button, and presto, jar opened, and you’re ready to prepare for your next dinner party.

Gadgets to Help Seniors Stay Safe

Safety is a primary concern for many seniors.  Fortunately, the tech industry has responded in a big way and offers a multitude of gadgets to help keep you safe. The final five devices on our list help meet this need.

6.      Tilemate Bluetooth Tracker

They are called “senior moments” for a reason.  When one strikes and happen to can’t find your keys, this handy gizmo, which is attached to your key ring, will send an alert when you use your smartphone to track it down.   

7.      Ring Video Doorbell

No more wondering if the person at the door is who they say they are.  This easily installed video doorbell allows you to see your guest from the safety of your living room

The doorbell is available on Amazon for under $100.00.  Add the two-way conversation feature with the Ring Peephole cam for only $30 more.

8.      SimpliSafe 12 Piece Wireless Home Security System w/HD Camera

This smart security system has one indoor camera, four door/window sensors, two pet-friendly motion sensors, and more. The system has a 24-hour battery backup in case of outages. (Note: use of the system does require a monitoring contract.)

9.      Lifestation Mobile

Lifestation Mobile is a medical alert system that includes Nationwide GPS and Wi-Fi coverage. With it, you get 30 days of free monitoring, followed by monitoring starting at $34.95 monthly. 

10.  Livefine Automatic Pill Dispenser

It sounds trite, but forgetting medications can be life-threatening.  This automatic pill dispenser, with a safety lock, will hold 28 days of medicine, with up to six dispensations daily. It has an audible alarm and a flashing light to help remember to take those essential prescriptions and vitamins.


There you have it—ten of the best tech gadgets for seniors. If you’re searching for your next gift options for an older loved one—or yourself—one of the above recommendations is sure to become a handy tool around the home.

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