The Ring Camera Vs Blink XT2

Ring Stick Up Cam and Blink Outdoor Camera on Tan ShelfRing Stick Up Cam and Blink Outdoor Camera on Tan Shelf

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You have decided to invest in an indoor/outdoor camera to provide some peace of mind around your home. After doing some searching, you have narrowed your choices down to The Ring Camera and Blink XT2. Both are available from Amazon with similar features.

These cameras are both quality products and will both help you monitor your home and give the peace of mind you are looking for. Home security is not to be taken lightly and you should look at the pros and cons and do your research to decide the best one for you.

The Ring Camera and Blink XT2 offer the basic features you are wanting in a camera. They both feature a two-way radio and are compatible with Alexa and provide quality video feed. Both systems can be used simultaneously in your home but do not work with each other, you do have to set them up directly to their system. Keep reading to see what differences you want to take note of and how these differences can help you decide which camera is the better choice for you.

The Benefits of Having a Camera to Monitor Your Home

Consumers today want to purchase indoor and outdoor cameras to monitor their front doors and other areas of their homes. We are all busy with life and on the go for a huge portion of our day. The Ring Camera and the Blink XT2 were both developed to give homeowners a way of overseeing what is going on at their homes when they can’t be there.

Even if not at home, both cameras can alert you to someone ringing your doorbell or delivering a package and this is a great benefit. The Ring or XT2 is also there to alert you to intruders as well and this alone is reason enough to buy one!

The Ring Camera Pros

Ring Stick Up cam on Wooden Table with Plants

There are many pros to owning a Ring Chime, including:

Blink XT2 Pros

Blink Camera in Bowl of Rocks

The Ring and Blink XT2 both have great reasons to purchase them and you have to look at the points and decide which ones may be on the top of your list of wants or needs. For example, if you are good with a screwdriver and can easily read directions and put things together, then the expert installation is not that big of a perk.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Offers Local Storage – up to 265 GB
  • Wireless
  • The mini camera is only $39.99

The Blink XT2’s mini camera sells for only $39.99 and is very affordable if money plays a factor in your choice. Amazon sells both cameras and while they are both affordable to an extent, the Blink XT2 is the most budget-friendly.

Added Extras to Both the Ring and Blink XT2

There are fantastic features that both cameras offer. They both offer cloud storage. The only thing to remember is there is a fee for The Ring’s storage fee but Blink offers cloud storage as a free benefit. The Ring Camera and Blink XT2 both offer warranties and guarantees. They will both offer to take care of repairs or will give you a full refund.

They are both reasonably priced with Ring’s indoor camera costing $99.99 and Blink’s will cost $79.99. They both do offer a camera that works indoors and outdoors at the same price of $99.99. The Ring works with a battery and can also run on solar power. You can turn the solar feature on and off at your discretion. Blink’s camera is wireless and some consumers prefer this feature.

The two-way audio feature comes with both cameras. This feature is great when wanting to speak to someone at your door or in your yard. It’s easy to tell the delivery driver to leave your package at the door and you don’t have to stop cutting up vegetables in the kitchen.

Which Camera is The Best Choice?

There are benefits and drawbacks to both cameras as with so many other products you may be researching to buy. Neither one has a drawback that would make you want to not purchase it, you may just have different needs or prefer one to another for the smallest of reasons. When it comes to The Ring or Blink XT2, there is not a bad choice. You have to take in all of the features of both and weigh them with the pros and cons.

You may only be concerned with price or maybe you only care about how easy the camera can be installed. Either choice can’t be made by anyone else. Ultimately, deciding on whether to purchase The Ring or Blink XT2 is completely up to you, and don’t beat yourself up because there isn’t a wrong decision.

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