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The Biggest Difference Between Ring Pro And Ring Pro 2

Last Updated Sep 27, 2022
A Ring Pro video doorbell.

Ring Pro is Ring’s ultra-slim smart doorbell camera upgrade from their Ring Doorbell. The Ring Pro is the upgrade to the regular wireless Ring Doorbell. Which is better, Ring Pro or Ring Pro 2?

The biggest difference between Ring Pro and Ring Pro 2 is that the Ring Pro 2 has improved image quality, including increased video resolution and a larger field of view, both horizontally and vertically.

The great thing about Ring video doorbells is you can see who is coming or going from your property without having to be there. Notifications are sent to your mobile device.

The Biggest Difference Between Ring Pro and Ring Pro 2

There are many options for home security smart video doorbells these days, but Ring stands as one of the originals in the market. The Ring Pro 2 is their flagship model with many features.

The Ring Pro 2 has better features than the earlier generation Ring Pro. The Pro 2 increases video resolution and audio quality, which also changes the field of view.

Although the Ring Pro 2 is the better choice, the $100 difference between the two models may turn some people off. The Ring Pro is still a viable and good choice with similar features.

Ring Pro vs. Ring Pro 2

At first glance, the Ring Pro and Ring Pro 2 seem practically the same product. However, once you get under the hood, one quickly outshines the other.

Visual Design

For the most part, the Ring Pro and the Ring Pro 2 are almost identical design-wise. The original Ring Pro shipped with an additional four faceplates to customize your color.

The Ring Pro 2 ships with only one faceplate. However, when you register and install your Ring Pro 2 doorbell, you can choose and order a free faceplate from 16 colors.

DIY or An Electrician?

One of the main differences the Ring Pro and Ring Pro 2 have over the standard Ring doorbell is that they are hardwired into the house’s main electricity instead of operating on batteries.

Installing the Ring Pro or Ring Pro 2 is easy enough for a confident do-it-yourselfer but requires handling your house’s electric wires. If you aren’t comfortable, hire an electrician.

The Ring Power Kit that both the Ring Pro and Ring Pro 2 use has easy-to-follow instructions through the Ring app and user guide.

Installing either is as easy as disconnecting your old hardwired doorbell and reattaching the wires. 

If you don’t have existing wires or doorbell, you may need to contact an electrician to have those installed for you before installing either the Ring Pro or Ring Pro 2.


One of the more useful features of the Ring Pro 2 is that it supports 802.11ac WiFi protocol, whereas the Ring Pro only supports the 802.11n. What does this mean for you?

You might find that you need to purchase the Ring WiFi range extender (called the Ring Chime Extender) if you purchase the Ring Pro and not the Ring Pro 2. 

The 802.11ac protocol is faster and a newer protocol that can increase your doorbell’s performance overall.

Video and Audio Quality

Another improvement the Ring Pro 2 has over the Ring Pro is its video and audio quality. The microphone on the Ring Pro 2 is of a higher quality and records better-sounding audio. 

The video of the Ring Pro 2 has a 1536 x 1536 resolution and a wide 150 x 150-degree field of view. This allows for a head-to-toe view of anyone approaching or leaving your door.

The Ring Pro has an HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 and a smaller field of view at 160 x 90 degrees.

Motion Detection

While the Ring Pro and Ring Pro 2 have motion detection, the Ring Pro 2 ramps the sensitivity with the inclusion of a radar sensor that runs their 3D Motion Detection feature.

3D Motion Detection allows the Ring Pro 2 to measure the distance of a person so you can set up a distance perimeter to keep your doorbell from triggering on passersby. 

Bird’s Eye View

The Ring Pro 2 also has a feature where the doorbell will create an artificial bird’s eye view of your property and show in dot form the people in view moving around your property.

It allows you to see not only who is coming and going on your property but also the exact paths they used to move around it. This can help definitively show who stepped on your grass.


The Ring Pro 2 doorbell is an updated version of the Ring Pro doorbell. The radar will allow a more accurate perimeter to be set so you won’t be falsely alerted when someone is walking by.

The full vertical range field of view of the Ring Pro 2 also allows you to see the person delivering your package and the package itself sitting on your doorstep.

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