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The 3 Ring Alarm Alexa Commands You Need To Know

Last Updated Aug 26, 2021
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The Ring Alarm can be connected to your Alexa and this allows you to use voice commands with your alarm system. You can pair the Ring Alarm easily by adding Ring as a skill in your Alexa App. The voice command feature is one you should definitely take advantage of. The voice commands take this alarm system to the next level and add superb protection to your home.

The Ring Alarm paired with the Alexa provides a must-have hands-free experience. All of the voice commands for the Ring Alarm can be found on the Ring & Alexa app. Listed below are a few commands that you need to try today!

“Alexa, Arm Ring.”

The Ring Alarm System is the home security system with optional professional monitoring and it works with Alexa. The Ring Alarm can be controlled with your phone and when any type of motion is detected, it sends an alert to your phone immediately. In some cases, if you subscribe to the 24/7 ring monitoring service, your ring will call your local police. This monitoring service does require enrollment into a Ring Protect Plan.

These three words are very convenient to say from over your phone when you aren’t at home. If you forgot to arm your Ring Alarm, just say the command into your phone. Alexa will respond by saying, “Ring is armed”. You can also add an alarm to your system in either stay or away mode. You may want to use the away mode when you aren’t home and it’s at night. This command will turn on a porch light to make it appear that someone in your house has turned the light on.

If you are at home and want to alarm your system from anywhere in the house, you can follow the same steps and your home will be secured. Everyone wants to feel safe and sound in their own home and this command is easy to say and remember.

“Alexa, Is Ring Armed?”

Whether you are home or away from home and you are not sure if you turned on your Ring Alarm security system, all you have to do is ask your phone, “Alexa, is ring armed?” Alexa will respond and you will be reassured.

We are all busy and tend to forget things now and again and this feature comes in handy more often than you would think.

“Alexa, Disarm Ring.”

This command comes along when you are home and need to enter your house and maybe your hands are full or you don’t have time to stop and enter a code. All you need to do is say, “Alexa, disarm ring.” Now, you are in the house and don’t need to worry about an alarm sounding.

To disable the alarm by voice, you do have to set it up in the Alexa app. Once you are in the app, go to devices, find the Ring Alarm, and make sure the toggle switch is pushed over to on by the voice command.

The Benefits of the Ring Alarm Combined With Alexa

  • Hands-free capability. Yelling out a few words is more convenient than having to put down anything you may have in your hand to type in a code.
  • Less equipment and expense than a standard home security system. The Ring Alarm system is affordable and provides excellent home protection.
  • Ring provides more camera choices than a standard home security system. The angles and positions you can put the Ring Alarm cameras by far exceed its competitors.

Who Can Control The Ring Alarm?

Once you set up your Ring Alarm, you can add users to your account. There are 3 types of users for the Ring Alarm. The Owner can access all the features of the Ring Alarm including the camera and the videos. They are also the ones who can add users, change account settings and invite new users. The shared user can be added to view the cameras and videos and can arm and disarm the system. The guest user can arm and disarm using the keypad.

In Conclusion

The Ring Alarm has many security features and the multiple cameras add extra coverage and when paired with the Alexa voice commands this alarm system becomes one of the best in its category. The Ring Alarm is easy to set up. The instructions on how to add Alexa voice commands are very clear and this alarm security system is proving to be a good choice.

Alexa voice commands are becoming a new normal when it comes to our daily lives. We are always looking to make any daily task quick and easy. The Ring Alarm is keeping up with the times and is as fun to use as it is practical.