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TCL TV Will Not Turn On? 7 Fixes To Try!

Last Updated Feb 25, 2022
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As far as budget TVs with optimum performance and long life span go, one of the best products you will find in the market is TCL TVs. But unfortunately, even as a top-rated brand for high-quality viewing, sometimes, they can still malfunction, just like every other electronic device. So, what can you do in a situation where you notice that your TCL TV suddenly fails to turn on?

This article will highlight seven fixes you can try on the rare occasion that your TCL TV fails to turn on.

7 Fixes to Resolve It

You can resolve the issue with a few DIY troubleshooting fixes. Here are seven ways to do that:

Check the Power Cord of Your TV

This is usually the first thing to try when you notice that your TCL TV is not turning on. Check that the TV power cord is correctly connected to the TV. Sometimes, it is possible that the cord may have been mistakenly disconnected. To be double sure, unplug the power from behind the TV and try reseating it. 

When you’ve done this, try turning on your TV again and see if it solves the issue.

Power Cycle It

If that did not resolve it, try doing a power cycle of your TCL TV. This involves a process of removing all forms of electricity from your TV to allow it to restart/reboot on its own.

To do this:

  • Disconnect the TV from the power source.
  • Long press your TV’s ON button for some time. At least 2 minutes.
  • Plug your TCL TV and try turning it on again.

This simple method could be the resolution to the TV malfunction. If you would like to learn more about TCL TVs, check out this article.

Reset Your TV

After power cycling your TV and it still does not come on, you may have to reset your TV, especially when there is power on the TV and the light on the TCL TV is blinking.

 Follow these easy steps to reset your TV:

  • Make sure that your TV is properly connected.
  • Long press the Reset button on the body of your TV for about 30 seconds.
  • Turn your TV back on and check for results.

Alternatively, you can also reset it when you press the reset button multiple times instead of just long pressing.

Try Another Power Outlet

In some cases, the power source, extension, or adapter could be inadequate due to a surge in power, especially if you do not own a surge suppressor. If you do have one, ensure that it is turned on and check that other appliances connected to it are in good working conditions.

If not, plug the TV directly into another power source and see if that helps. It may be difficult moving the TV from one part of the house to another in search of a good power source; you can make use of an extension cord to make the connection while your TV remains at its position.

Try Your Remote’s Home Button

There is a chance that your TV is on and just projecting a black screen, but you don’t realize it. In this case, you can press the Home button of your remote or on the Menu button to see if the display is on. The black screen may be due to a game console connection or a DVD player.

Ensure that your remote is in good working conditions and that the batteries are good before proceeding.

Press the TV’s Power Button

Almost everyone prefers using their remote to turn on the TV because it’s more convenient, but if you notice that your TV is not coming on, you might want to try powering the TV on the body of the TV to see if the problem is from the remote. 

In many cases, it could be that your remote’s batteries are weak and require a change or that something is obstructing the sensors from sending commands to your TCL TV.

TCL TVs have the power button located at different parts of the TV depending on the model you’re using. If the TV turns on when you press the power button, then the remote must be the problem.

Contact Customer Support

The TV may require more professional and technical support if everything else fails. Depending on the state of your TCL TV’s warranty status, TCL will either repair or replace your TV.

When you contact them, ensure that your TV’s model and serial number are handy as they may ask you for it. It is located at the back of your TV.


If you have problems with your TCL TV turning on, you don’t have to worry. Most times, it’s just a minor issue, and these fixes will help rectify it, and your TV will be back up.

Ensure that you don’t try prying open the TV or trying to resolve the issues on your own outside the fixes mentioned above.

If you find it difficult turning the TV on even after these fixes, contact TCL customer support, and they’ll take it up from there.

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