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TCL TV Dimensions Guide (True Length and Width of All Sizes)

Last Updated Apr 16, 2022
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TCL offers a variety of smart TVs, all of which fall into different size classes. But, size classes tell you less about the actual dimensions than you’d expect, so you need to understand exactly what you’re looking at before making a purchase.

Generally, the actual width of a television screen will deviate from the advertised size by between 8”-10”. The table below outlines a few examples:

98”85.9” wide by 49.6” tall
85”74” wide by 76” tall
50”Between 43”- 44” wide and about 25” tall

Below, we’ll highlight the true length and width of various TCL TV models. Keep reading before you make your final decision!

How is TV Screen Size Calculated?

Before you purchase a television for a specific room in your home, you need to know the model’s exact dimensions to be sure it will fit in the space you have available. While the size listed on your TCL TV’s box will give you an estimate, these numbers are more of a guideline than anything.

TVs are usually categorized into size “classes,” meaning they aren’t always the exact size they’re classified as. Most people believe that TV screen size is calculated by measuring the width of the screen. However, it’s actually measured by the diagonal length between one top corner of the screen to the opposite side bottom corner of the screen.

The actual width of a television always deviates slightly from the size you see listed on the box. While the actual size is larger than the advertised size on rare occasions, the screen size is usually between 8” to 10” smaller.

Before you buy a particular television, be sure to look at the actual width and height specifications. This will allow you to properly prepare the space before you bring your TV home and begin setting it up.

The True Length and Width of Different TCL TVs

TCL offers a wide range of smart TVs in various size classes. If you’re considering purchasing a TCL television, you must understand the TV’s exact dimensions to ensure it will fit in the space you’ve planned for.

TCL TVs come in many different sizes. In the sections below, we’ll highlight the true lengths and widths of several popular size classes, including:

98”85.9” wide by 49.6” tall
85”74” wide by 76” tall
50”Between 43”- 44” wide and about 25” tall

… along with more actual height and widths. Keep reading to learn the information you need to know to properly prepare for your new television’s arrival!

98” Size Class

Currently, TCL only offers one television in the 98” size class as part of their XL Collection. The 4K UHD QLED Dolby Vision HDR Smart Google TV is 85.9” wide and 49.6” tall. As you can tell, the actual width of the television is just over a foot smaller than the advertised size class.

This is actually beneficial for many customers who may not have nearly 100” of available space to accommodate such a large television. It’s still an impressive size, just a bit smaller than you may expect. 

85” Size Class

Aside from the 98” size class, the next biggest screen size TCL offers is 85”. Their selection of 85” size class televisions range in size slightly, with widths between 74” and 76”, and heights ranging from 42” to 46”. The exact size will vary based on the model you choose, so be sure to check the exact specifications if you’re working with limited space. An 85” TV is a great choice for anyone who wants a big-screen TV, but doesn’t have the necessary space to accommodate a 98” screen size.

75” Size Class

75” TVs are some of the most popular choices for living rooms or large master bedrooms, so TCL offers a wide range of televisions in this size class. Their actual widths range around 65”-66”, and their heights range from 37”-38”.

65” Size Class

65” is another popular television size class for both living rooms and bedrooms. Nearly every TCL TV is offered in this size, including the TCL 4-Series 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV. Actual screen widths vary from 56”-57”, while the heights are typically just around 33”. 

50” Size Class

If 75” and 65” televisions are too large for the space you have available, 50” is the next best choice. TCL offers many televisions that fit within the 50” size class, most with widths measuring between 43”-44” and heights measuring approximately 25”.

43” Size Class

43” televisions are a great choice for smaller living rooms or bedrooms. Although they’re a bit smaller than what most people are looking for these days, TCL still offers a wide range of 43” televisions. TVs in this size class typically have a width between 37” and 38” and are usually about 22” tall.

Final Thoughts

The sizes you see on your TV’s box can be deceptive. Since screen size is measured by the television’s diagonal length rather than the width, the actual dimensions may vary. To be sure you pick the perfect TV size for the space you have available, always take a look at the specifications before purchasing.

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