Spotify Playlists: See Who Liked Your Playlist And Who Followed You

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Spotify allows millions of people to listen to all genres of music every day. Users can even create playlists that other users can listen to and enjoy. Some playlist creators wonder how to see how many people like and follow a playlist to measure its popularity.

It is not currently possible to see exactly who liked a Spotify playlist. However, it is possible to see how many likes or follows a playlist has received. This provides enough feedback to the playlist owner to determine whether it is well received or needs to be changed.

See Who Liked or Followed Your Playlist: The App

For those Spotify users who use the app on their smartphone, there are specific instructions you must follow to see your likes. The like count may be called different depending on the device you are using. 

Below we have outlined the steps to find this information.

Open the Spotify App

The first step is to open the app on your iPhone or Android device. If you have not yet downloaded it to the phone, simply go to the appropriate app store and install it. 

Once it’s installed, log in to your account.

Find Your Spotify Playlist

Go to your Library and find the playlist you are interested in finding the statistics for. You can also accomplish this by searching it within the app itself too. 

Click it so it opens up into a new screen within the app.

Once the playlist has opened up in the app, look for the title you gave. This is usually located at the top part of the app. 

This is also where the number of likes and followers is typically located.

See the Grand Total

Look for the number right underneath the title, next to the authorship section. It should have a number followed by the word Likes next to it. 

The amount of likes on this Spotify playlist are circled in red.

This tells you how many people liked and are following your station, such as a workout playlist you made to listen to while on your Echelon Bike.

No one is following your playlist if you don’t see followers or likes. 

If you want people to follow your playlist, tap the three dots and make sure that your playlist isn’t private. Start sharing your playlist to get it out there.

The screenshot you will see if you are making your playlist on Spotify private.

See Who Liked or Followed Your Playlist: A Web Browser

When looking to see who liked and followed your playlist in a web browser, the process is a little different. 

This is because the login, location, and name of the like and followed section are changed. We have covered the steps to find out this info below.

Open Your Brower

Open the browser of your choosing; it can be Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Spotify runs efficiently in each of these browsers and will provide you with the information you are looking for. 

You can also download Spotify to your computer and follow similar instructions.

Be sure to type in and press enter to get to the site.

Log in to Your Account

At the top right-hand corner of the Spotify homepage; there is a Sign In button. Select this button and wait for the next page to load. 

It will require you to type in your login credentials and bring you to your account homepage.

Find Your Playlist

Search for the playlist you are interested in finding out the statistics for. You can do this by looking at the left pane of the Spotify web browser window. 

It should be located under the section entitled Your Library. Select it once you have located it.

Look At The Title 

Once you have opened the playlist, look for the title at the top of the screen. Underneath in tiny font, there should be a section with a number and the word “Likes” next to it. 

It will show how many people have liked and followed the playlist.

The Difference Between Likes and Follows

When looking for the number of likes and followers you have received, it is important to note that Spotify names the same information differently depending on your browser or app. 

Additionally, if you do not have any likes or follows, the app and website will completely omit the information and just place the title of the playlist and the author at the top of the page. 

Below is a chart to help you keep the information straight.

Spotify Browsing MethodName of Statistic
Smartphone AppLikes
Web Browser ViewLikes
Desktop AppFollowers

If you are looking for followers on the smartphone app, you won’t find what you want. This is because Spotify swaps it up. 

The reason is unclear, but the table above helps prevent users from pulling their hair out in frustration trying to find the information.

Like and Follow Your Favorites

Spotify makes it easy for anyone to make a playlist. These playlists are available for other users to enjoy too. Like or follow your favorite playlist to let the user know to continue creating relevant content that is enjoyable to listen to.

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