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Spectrum Remote Not Working? Try These Nine Solutions!

Last Updated Nov 23, 2022
A TV remote that isn't working correctly

Spectrum TV makes enjoying your favorite programming from your own home possible while using the service’s included remote to navigate between channels and features.

Keep reading to learn nine easy steps to troubleshoot and fix your Spectrum Remote when it isn’t working!

Replace the Remote’s Batteries

No matter the age of your remote, you should first ensure that you have batteries correctly installed. Batteries ensure your remote is powered on. 

Your remote takes two AA batteries. The battery chamber is located on the back of the remote and is opened by applying pressure to the tab. 

Ensure your batteries are lined up correctly with the corresponding (+) and (-) notation in the battery chamber. If they’re backwards, the remote will not work.

Once the batteries are installed correctly, replace the chamber cover and try the Spectrum Remote again.

Batteries in remote controls last between three and six months, depending on device use. If it’s been a while since you’ve replaced the batteries, this may solve the problem!

Check Equipment Connections

If your remote isn’t working, it could be an issue with the power connections of your other equipment, such as the TV or cable box. 

Check to ensure the cables that connect your TV and cable receiver box are connected tightly to the devices and the wall and adjust them if they are not. 

It would help if you also ensured that any cables connecting your TV and your cable box are correctly and securely plugged in, including your power cord and HDMI cord

Check the Remote Buttons

From time to time, the buttons of your remote may become jammed. This could be because of wear, especially if the shape of the buttons has changed with use, or because of dirt.

To release a stuck button, wiggle it back and forth or gently pry it loose with a toothpick. Always press the buttons straight down, which will help the buttons stay unstuck.

Food, lotion, and other substances can easily stick to the remote buttons. You can use the same toothpick to trace around the outside of the buttons and dislodge any stuck gunk. 

Ensure The Spectrum Box and TV are Turned On

If the power to your Spectrum Box is sound, try powering it on again by using the power button on your Spectrum Remote or, in many cases, via a button on the actual receiver. 

You will know your receiver has been successfully turned on when you observe lights on the front of the box.

To power on your TV, you may need to use your device’s dedicated remote or, if available, the power button on the TV.

When your TV has been turned on, you may see the brand logo flash on the screen or device lights. 

These are important steps in troubleshooting your remote because if the TV or receiver box is not working correctly, your remote will not function.

Reboot the Receiver

A cable receiver malfunction can impact your Spectrum Remote’s function. This can often be addressed by resetting, or rebooting, the system.

To reboot your receiver, unplug the device from its power source and wait at least one full minute before plugging it back in, power it on, and trying the remote again.

Change the Channel

There is a chance that an issue with your Spectrum Remote is an issue with the channel you’re trying to watch. 

To determine if this is the case, use your Spectrum Remote to change the channel on your TV using either the up/down buttons or the number pad.

If another channel displays, you’ll know it isn’t an issue with the remote, just the channel or program you were trying to watch!

You can also try changing the channel in various ways without the remote or buttons!

Check for Barriers to the Signal 

For the Spectrum Remote to work correctly, there must be a clear path between the remote and the cable box. Furniture or decor can impede the signal to the cable box. 

Make sure that there are no barriers, such as picture frames, chairs, or plants, in the line where you’re using the remote and the receiver box. 

You may also want to consider repositioning your receiver box or yourself to accommodate any signal barriers. Once the path is clear, you may notice that your remote is working.

Make Sure You’re Using the Correct Spectrum Remote 

If you have more than one Spectrum Remote and receiver box in your home, you should ensure that you’re using the correct remote, as it only works with the box it is paired to. 

If you have multiple Spectrum receivers, try using another remote in your home, especially since these devices look similar and may be easily confused. 

You might also need to ensure that your Spectrum remote is programmed correctly.

Contact Spectrum

If you’ve tried these fixes but are still stuck with a remote that isn’t working, your last fix is to reach out to Spectrum customer service at a local storefront or by phone. 

They will be able to advise on known issues and replace your equipment, if necessary, and get you back to enjoying Spectrum TV!


A Spectrum Remote that doesn’t work is frustrating, especially when trying to enjoy TV programming. These fixes are a good place to start when trying to fix a malfunctioning product!