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Sony TV Sound and Picture Out of Sync? Easy Fix

Last Updated Dec 16, 2022
Family watching TV but looking disappointed

Having electronic equipment malfunction when you want to utilize it the most can be so annoying, and most of us have often come out of the situation frustrated and overwhelmed.

Here are steps to take if a Sony TV’s sound and picture are out of sync:

  • Check the power cord and plug
  • Safegard the cables and audio output
  • Check internet connectivity
  • Update TV software
  • Clear cache and cookies
  • Adjust audio settings
  • Perform a factory reset

Generally, if the audio and video are out of sync on your Sony TV, it should be an easy fix to align them back. However, you might need to perform a series of steps to identify the source of your TV’s audio/video issues—and fix it.

How to Fix Your Sony TV’s Audio and Video being Out of Sync

You have managed to get all the family together for the movie night—popcorn is ready, and a movie title has been agreed upon.

No minor feat. Lo-and-behold—your recently purchased Sony TV starts acting up. The audio and video are out of sync!

How can the issue be fixed before all the family disperses and your planned movie night goes down the drain?

Luckily, repairing Sony TV’s audio and video sync, is not as daunting as it sounds.

Here are the steps you can take to identify the exact issues and then proceed to fix them.

Check the Power Cord and Plug

First of all, make sure that your Sony TV’s power cord is properly plugged in.

Sometimes, even if it is plugged in properly, you might need to take it out for a few seconds and plug it back in.

A power reset can fix small issues. This is done by unplugging the TV, waiting at least one minute, and then plugging it back in.

If this doesn’t help, try checking the other cables.

Safeguard the Cable and Audio output

If the power is reset and the issue is still not resolved, you can make sure that audio cables are properly plugged in at the appropriate outputs and inputs of the TV.

Also, ensure that if a media device (like a local cable cord, Blu-ray system, home theatre system, etc.) is attached, the cables are properly connected.

Check the Internet Connectivity

Nowadays, a lot of media is streamed through the internet.

If you are viewing your media through an internet connection, make sure that it is strong.

A weak internet connection can result in a discrepancy between the audio and video.

Update the TV Software

Like most other electronic companies, Sony TV also releases new software updates frequently to improve the quality of viewers’ media experience.

A delay in audio can occur if the TV software is not updated.

Simply go to your TV’s settings, install all the available updates, and restart the TV. Many a time, this will fix the audio-video delay.

Clear the Cache and Cookies

Chances are that you will have a smart TV. This means your Sony TV stores information in its memory slots.

Sometimes, these slots, commonly known as caches, can store corrupted or faulty information.

This can hinder the TV’s optimal performance.

If such is the case, deleting these stored files and clearing the cache can fix the auditory issues as well.

Adjust the Audio Settings

Sony TV has a very friendly user interface. You can go to your TV’s advanced audio settings if your audio/video delay is still not fixed.

You will need to make sure that your audio output is set to PCM (Pulse-code modulation). If you are unsure how to do that, just follow the provided chain.

In your TV settings, go to:

  • Display & Sound
  • Audio Output
  • Digital audio out
  • PCM

It is the conventional method of converting audio into digital audio and the most effective output method to ensure minimum delays in audio.

Also, change the current A/V setting and turn off eARC mode as well.

Perform a Factory Reset

If all the aforementioned steps fail to sync your Sony TV’s audio and video results, you can always revert to a factory reset.

This step is always recommended as a last resort because re-setting your TV will make you lose your personalized TV settings.

You will also have to reinstall all the available updates again because a factory reset takes your Sony TV back to its original settings.

However, if it fixes the audio issue, it is worth starting over.


It is pretty common to have a delay in your TV’s audio output.

It is highly recommended to follow the aforementioned steps in the given order.

Very likely, your Sony TV’s audio issues will be resolved.

However, if the delay stays the same, the next step is to call a qualified Sony TV technician.

An appointment can be scheduled through their website, to run a detailed diagnostic check on your TV.