SimpliSafe Modes Guide: Home and Away Mode

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SimpliSafe home security devices are designed to provide security and protection for individuals looking to keep their homes safe. A constant concern with any security system is: how can I ensure that my house is being consistently monitored?

SimpliSafe offers two primary functions in their system configuration: Home Mode and Away Mode. As the name implies, Home Mode is meant to monitor the perimeter of your property while ignoring internal movement, whereas Away Mode will put your security system on full lockdown.

Given the different modes available to SimpliSafe users, this article aims to better understand the most effective configuration to meet your home security needs. Let’s look at when each mode should be used to provide maximum coverage.

When to Use SimpliSafe Modes

The Home and Away Modes are both customizable and can be used for a variety of different scenarios. Below is a breakdown of situations that would benefit the most from their corresponding mode setting:

When to Use Home Mode

The Home Mode setting on the SimpliSafe system is ideal for when you or your family is at home for an extended amount of time.

The primary difference between the two available SimpliSafe modes is that all motion sensors in your system are disabled by default when Home Mode is selected. This allows you and your family or pets to move throughout the home without constantly triggering the sensor alarms.

Additionally, if your system utilizes the SimpliSafe SimpliCams, their privacy shutters will be closed automatically while Home Mode is enabled. Regardless of your configuration, by default, all other sensors will be active in Home Mode (unless manually configured otherwise).

When to Use Away Mode

Away mode should be used whenever you or your family plan to leave the house for an extended time.

When Away Mode is enabled, your system will automatically activate all sensors. Also, when Away Mode is enabled, the default exit and entrance delay will allow for additional time to arm and exit the house. With all sensors active (including motion sensors), your home will be fully covered while in Away Mode.

Home vs. Away Mode: A Side by Side Comparison

Both Home and Away modes have unique configurations, meant to allow for customizability with your particular system. In addition to the fundamental differences, let’s look at a side by side comparison to gain an understanding of which setting is best for a particular scenario.

 Motion SensorEntry SensorGlassbreak SensorSmart LockSimpliCam
Home Mode (Default)DisabledAlarmAlarmLockPrivacy Shutter Closed
Away Mode (Default)AlarmAlarmAlarmLockPrivacy Shutter Open

The modes also differ regarding the length of time each setting takes to “arm” the system (which can also be customized and changed in the settings).

 Home ModeAway Mode
Exit Delay (Customizable Range)45 to 120 seconds45 to 255 sec
Entry Delay (Customizable Range)0 to 250 seconds30 to 255 sec

Now that we have a better understanding of some of the key differences in Home Mode versus Away Mode, let’s take a closer look at the different settings’ customizability.

Are the Different Mode Settings Customizable?

Given that no two homeowners are alike, it’s essential to offer customizability in your security system, and SimpliSafe is no exception. There are many reasons why both the Home Mode and Away Mode would need to be adjusted to better suit your needs.

For example, suppose your house has a space that isn’t used as often as other locations on the property (basement, detached garage, etc.). In this case, you can configure Home Mode to arm your motion sensors only in those designated areas, meaning those areas will still be monitored, while still maintaining the default Home Mode settings.

Another example: Suppose your house has a storage area (like a medicine or liquor cabinet) that you want to keep monitored. In that case, you can configure Home Mode to keep those sensors active and send a secret alert to enable discrete monitoring of areas that do not present an immediate safety risk.

Adjusting Mode Settings: A Quick Guide

One of the core devices required for your SimpliSafe system is the wireless Keypad. This Keypad enables users to customize their Home and Away Mode settings directly. Here is a quick guide to getting started adjusting your system:

On your SimpliSafe Keypad:

  1. Push the “Off” button.
  2. Enter your “Master” Pin.
  3. Push the “Menu” button.
  4. Re-enter your “Master” Pin.
  5. Navigate to “System Settings.”
  6. Next, press “Open.”
  7. Select the device you would like to configure.
  8. Navigate to “Home Mode” or “Away Mode” (depending on which behavior you are modifying).
  9. Use the Up and Down arrows on the Keypad to adjust the settings accordingly (Alarm, Secret Alert, Disabled).
  10. Finally, press “Set” to confirm and save your adjustments.

In Summary

SimpliSafe systems have a high level of customizability, allowing for various configurations based on the user. With both Home and Away modes, you have the option of disarming your motion sensors (Home Mode) or putting your system on complete lockdown (Away Mode). Additionally, users can tweak each setting, allowing you to have more control over how your home is monitored.

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