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Silencing Your Ring Alarm in A Few Simple Steps

Last Updated Sep 23, 2021
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Your Ring device is equipped with a 104dB alarm system that is designed to keep you and your family safe and alert you of any potential risks. Each system comes with the ability to use Z-Wave Technology to send devices seamlessly and securely between your registered and connected devices, to the base station in your home. 

This article will cover the process of silencing your Ring siren so that you can disarm and reset your Ring device if the siren feature is triggered. 

Determine Your Plan Type To Properly Disarm Your Alarm 

There is an important distinction between Ring plans when attempting to disarm your alarm. If you are a member of the Ring Protect plan, you will not be able to simultaneously disarm your alarm and cancel the automatic request for dispatch of professional agency members (i.e. local police and fire departments.) if you so choose. You can also choose to silence the siren feature but keep the request for dispatch if the emergency event necessitates that. 

 If you are a member of the Ring Alarm plan, you can seamlessly disconnect the siren whenever needed through the user-friendly Ring app. 

Ensure Your Device is Properly Connected to Disarm Through The App

In order for the disconnection sequence to work properly, you must first ensure that the Ring Dome Alarm is properly connected. 

You can follow these steps to connect your Ring Dome Siren via the app: 

  • Ensure that the Ring application is open on your device, and enter the application 
  • Navigate to the area that prompts you to set up a device
  • Select security devices to configure your Siren settings 
  • Flip your Dome Siren to uncover the back. You can easily do this by unscrewing the back casing and accessing the batteries. 

If you have already connected your Dome Siren, 

  • Discharge and re-insert the batteries to trigger the next connectivity step. Follow the prompts to connect your device to the network, and configure your Siren sounds and name. 

If you never connected your Dome Siren, 

  • Remove the tag that says “Remove Before Use.” There will be multiple plastic tabs present, you only need to remove the marked tab. 
  • You should then be prompted with the additional configuration steps to fully connect and enable your device. 

Silencing Your Ring Device

You can easily silence your Ring siren to discontinue the alert to both your home and local authorities. In a recent update, the Ring app has evolved to contain this ability in-app. Simply switch your mode within the app by following  a few simple steps: 

  • Open your Ring app, and navigate to the three lines in the upper right-hand corner
  • Select settings 
  • Select enable modes 
  • From there, you will be prompted to customize your mode settings. You can determine how each device will work in the mode that you’ve selected to ensure that you have the most optimized experience possible. 

Optimize Your Security Plan With The Ring Mode Scheduling Feature 

If you have multiple people in your household with different work schedules, this can be a key feature in optimizing your home’s security platform. This schedule is not designed to be limiting – and can be overridden any time a registered user in your home changes the mode. This security feature is meant to be passive, automated, and save you the trouble of manually setting and disarming your alarms. You can always disable the schedules if you feel that you no longer need them. 

Creating your Ring Mode Schedule is simple, and can be done in just a few steps: 

  • Open your Ring app, and select the menu option. 
  • Select settings 
  • Select mode schedules 
  • Select add schedule 
  • Follow the prompts to name your mode, and assign your mode to a specific schedule. You can customize your schedule based on a daily or weekly cadence, or select a schedule based on single-use requirements. 
  • Be sure to select the appropriate days of the week that this schedule will run. You can change this at any time. 
  • Select add schedule to deploy the schedule 

Optimizing Your Security Plan 

When arranging your schedule, it is important to remember that your schedules require an opposing, matching schedule to be created as well to function correctly. This means that if you have a schedule employed that is optimized to your night shift schedule, you must set a separate schedule to turn off the siren when you wake and begin to move. 

Your Ring Siren is The Key to Living Safely 

Your Ring Siren has been crafted with innovation and technology that is sure to help you and your family live safely – completely worry-free. With Ring’s easy-to-use interface, app connections, and scheduling options, you’ll be sure to manage your home’s security with ease via Ring’s user friendly platforms and outstanding customer service team. 

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