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Should You Bring a 15-Inch Laptop While Traveling? Read This First

Last Updated Sep 18, 2022
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When you need to do work or manage your documents on the go, you might want to bring your laptop to accomplish this task. However, the size of your laptop matters when you’re traveling because you need to carry it around, and big laptops can be troublesome in this aspect.

A 15-inch laptop might be too big if you plan on working on a plane, in a car, or carrying your laptop around during your trip.

Please continue reading to help decide if you should bring a 15-inch laptop while traveling. We will discuss the pros and cons of this situation.

Consider Where You Want to Use Your Laptop

If you plan on using your laptop on your lap, then 15 inches might be too large to accommodate.

 For example, if you’re going to take transit often or plan on doing a lot of work in restaurants or cafes, you might only have a limited amount of space to set up your laptop.

Alternatively, you don’t have to worry about a lack of lap or desk space if you plan on primarily using your laptop in your hotel room.

Also, if you plan to carry your laptop around the city while you travel, it might be too heavy to accommodate.  A 15-inch laptop doesn’t feel heavy until you start walking around with it all day.

If you plan on bringing your laptop to restaurants, and cafes or carrying you around town, then an 11 or 12-inch screen would be best.

Think About the Work You Need to Accomplish on Your Laptop

Sometimes you need to use a larger laptop if you plan on splitting screens to manage your work. Splitting screens on a small laptop is not as efficient as on a larger one.

So, if you’re doing work on your laptop that requires plenty of scream use and memory, then a 15-inch laptop would be your best bet for travel.

However, if you plan to use your laptop for casual use, like browsing social media or completing menial tasks, you can manage with a smaller laptop screen.

Often, smaller laptops can’t handle big tasks, and a 15-inch laptop is usually of the many of them the size you can use if your task can’t be completed with a notebook laptop.

Pros of Traveling With a 15-Inch Laptop

Depending on your workload and the places you travel, a 15-inch laptop could be a great travel computer.

The following are some of the benefits of traveling with a 15-inch laptop:

  • A 15-inch laptop is big enough to work in split-screen mode.
  • 15-inch laptops have a larger GPU than smaller ones to handle more tasks.
  • Most laptops smaller than 15 inches are only good for reading and signing documents and can’t handle other work you might need to accomplish.
  • 15-inch laptops are big enough to have more screen space but still very portable compared to larger laptops.
  • You can comfortably fit a 15-inch laptop in most book or shoulder bags.

If any of these benefits interest you, then traveling with a 15-inch laptop might be your best option for working on the go.

Any smaller laptops might be unable to manage your workload or run the programs you need, so always consider your needs before buying.

Cons of Traveling with a 15-Inch Laptop

Unfortunately, if you’re only looking from the standpoint of using your laptop while on the go, then 15 inches isn’t the most convenient option.

The following are the cons you might experience when traveling with a 15-inch laptop:

  • You might have difficulty fitting it on your lap if you plan to use it on a train, plane, or in the passenger seat of a car.
  • If you plan to carry your laptop throughout the city, then a 15-inch laptop might weigh you down and be super inconvenient.
  • Some cafes and restaurants only offer table space that can accommodate laptops 11 to 12 inches.
  • A 15-inch laptop is too small to manage some functions like gaming but too big to be portable, like notebook laptops.
  • A 15-inch laptop typically weighs 5 pounds, but a 14-inch laptop typically weighs only three pounds, so you pack on a few extra pounds of weight for a small difference in performance.

Depending on why you need your laptop for travel, you might want to either downsize or upsize your screen.

Fifteen inches is slightly too large to carry with you everywhere you go but slightly too small to get the performance a 17-inch laptop would give you.

Final Thoughts

If you want to bring a 15-inch laptop while traveling, just remember that it might be slightly too big to sit comfortably on your table or lap.

However, 15-inch laptops weigh more than 14-inch laptops because they have larger computer components that can help you accomplish certain tasks.

To determine if a 15-inch laptop is the right option, you need to consider where you want to use it, why you want to use it, and how you plan to use it.

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