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Seven Steps To Fix Ring App From Crashing

Last Updated Aug 30, 2021
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Home security is an important part of any smart home setup, and it’s vital that every part of the system functions the way you need it to. This becomes even more crucial when the apps necessary to keep your equipment running suddenly crash or fail to work properly. For the safety of yourself and those you care for, you often need a solution that will work quickly to assist you in maintaining the security of your home. 

With the help of this article, you will be well on your way to getting your Ring App back to fighting form and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what to do. Let’s get started with the seven-step guide to fixing most Ring App crash issues!

7 Steps To Fix Ring App Crashes

Don’t worry, we’re here to make the process as simple as possible! We’ve put together a handy seven-step guide that should stop your Ring App from freezing on most smart devices and put the security of your home back into your hands. We have also included additional troubleshooting tips in the event that another issue is causing your Ring App to malfunction. 

  • Update the operating system for your device
  • Go to the Play Store for your device and completely uninstall Ring App
  • Shut down your device
  • Restart your device
  • Make sure no other apps are running 
  • Make sure your device is using your Wifi connection by turning data off on your device
  • Reinstall Ring App 

This seven-step guide is your basic fix for most Ring App crash issues. But what if you’ve tried this method and your Ring app is still crashing or freezing up? We’ve provided some troubleshooting tips specific to the most popular operating systems, as well as some other handy tricks you can use to fix most smart home tech issues! 

Android Fixes For Ring App

Android has been experiencing issues with the Ring App crashing on their devices, as well as other apps. To fix this problem, Google has developed a bug fix you can find in your Google Play Store. Simply search Android System Webview and select Update, then repeat this process for Google Chrome. This update should fix the issue with Ring app crashes as well as any other app malfunctions you may be experiencing on your android device. 

Apple Fixes For Ring App

Apple recently released its ios 14.7 updates, which caused some users to experience app crashes. The original update had multiple bugs which prompted Apple to release the ios 14.71 patch update to fix the issue. To install this update, go to Settings on your Apple device, select General, then click Software Update. Download and install the update and it should remedy the issue with your Ring App. 

Windows Fixes For Ring App

If you are using a PC, you could be using an outdated version of Windows which could be causing your Ring app to malfunction. The current Ring App is designed to be used with the newest version of Windows 10 and outdated versions of Windows can cause the Ring App to malfunction. Update to the most current version of Windows 10, then uninstall the Ring App and reinstall after restarting your PC. 

Please Note: The Ring Desktop App for both Windows and Mac will be discontinued on October 15, 2021. All users will be permanently logged out of the Ring-Always Home Desktop App. If you are reading this article after this date, we advise you to use your RIng App on another device. 

Additional Troubleshooting Tips For Ring App

If the tips and tricks we’ve already provided do not stop your Ring App from crashing or freezing up, we’ve added a list of general fixes that may assist you. These suggestions can be used to solve multiple user issues with your smart home apps and devices. For more information on these solutions, we recommend consulting the manufacturer of your device.

These are a few general fixes that may assist you if the basic troubleshooting steps fail to stop your Ring app from crashing:

  • Check Your Wifi connection settings  
  • Disable your VPN
  • Switch to another device to use your Ring App
  • Turn data off on your device before launching Ring App

Final Thoughts 

Your Ring App is a vital part of your home security system and dealing with constant crashes and freezing is more than a headache, it’s a real problem that requires a quick resolution. With this seven-step basic fix and the troubleshooting tips we’ve provided, your Ring App will stop crashing on your chosen smart device. You can rest easy knowing that no matter what the problem is, you have the tools to get your Ring App back to what it does best, protecting what you love the most!

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