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Schlage Encode Battery Guide (Battery Life, Low Battery)

Last Updated Jan 6, 2023
Schlage Encode Battery Guide (Battery Life, Low Battery)

Schlage is one of the most popular brands of locks in the United States. They also make some of the market’s most popular models of smart locks.

Schlage claims batteries will last at least six months up to a year if you use the Encode Plus with the Thread protocol instead of WiFi.

It is important, however, to be certain you use the correct style of non-rechargeable alkaline batteries because lithium batteries can damage or throw off the smart lock, which isn’t good if you live in a dangerous place.

How Long do Schlage Encode Batteries Last?

If you use WiFi, the batteries will die faster than if you connect your smart lock via the Thread protocol because it is more power-efficient.

You can get up to six months of life out of a regular set of alkaline batteries when using WiFi and up to a year if using the Thread protocol.

The Thread protocol is another internet-of-things standard that operates a mesh network and allows devices to operate in low-power mode—saving battery.

How do I Know if the Battery is Low on Schlage Encode?

Your batteries are low if your Schlage Encode has a flashing battery icon. If your smart lock has a steady red battery icon LED, your batteries need to be replaced immediately.

Schlage Encode Batteries are Dying Fast

The batteries in your Schlage Encode are dying too quickly because you are using the incorrect batteries, a weak WiFi signal, or it may need to reset.

It could also just be used very often, which will wear out the batteries.

The Recommended Batteries

Schlage smart locks advise using a non-rechargeable style alkaline battery. Rechargeable and lithium batteries won’t work.

Weak WiFi Signal

A weak WiFi signal may make your door lock stop working and cause the batteries to drain. Battery life is affected by the lock repeatedly trying to connect to WiFi.

A Factory Reset

If you replace the batteries and your WiFi signal is strong, you still can’t unlock your door. You may need a factory reset to fix the problem with your Schlage lock not working.

  1. Remove the cover from the battery compartment 
  2. Disconnect the battery connector
  3. Press and Hold the Schlage button for 10 seconds
  4. While holding the Schlage button, reconnect the batteries
  5. Let go of the button (not before connecting the batteries!)
  6. The LED will be green and sound a beep alert to show the reset was a success

Now that you have reset your Schlage smart lock, you should check the Schlage home app or Google Assistant to see if your access codes and lock are in working order.

Can you get Locked Out if Schlage Encode Battery Dies?

If you come home to a dead battery in your Schlage Encode, there is a really easy method to jump-start your smart lock long enough to gain entry and replace your batteries. 

How to Open Schlage Encode With a Dead Battery

If your Schlage Encode has a dead battery, don’t fret. You can still gain entry with a 9-volt!

  1. Below the bolt knob, there are two contact points (one small and one larger)
  2. Touch a 9-volt battery to those contacts (big contact to large negative side on 9-volt)
  3. Hold the battery on the contacts for a few seconds
  4. You should see one red light, three green lights, and a few beeps.
  5. Enter your access code
  6. Turn the bolt knob to unlock the door
  7. Replace your batteries immediately – the smart lock will remain unlocked until you replace the batteries

It is important to remember that your Schlage Encode will need the batteries replaced immediately if this method is used. It will stay unlocked until the batteries are replaced.

Schlage Encode Battery Replacements

Schlage advises using standard non-rechargeable alkaline batteries in the Schlage Encode because lithium or rechargeable batteries can damage the system.

How to Change Batteries in Schlage Encode

You can change batteries by opening the battery compartment and replacing the AA batteries. Leave the battery tray and battery connector inside your lock.

You want to ensure that the battery’s positive ( + ) and negative ( – ) sides are oriented correctly, and the batteries are facing the door when reinstalled into the lock.

Schlage Encode Isn’t Working After Replacing Batteries

If your Schlage smart lock isn’t working after replacing the batteries, you may want to try performing a factory reset. 

The instructions are above in the section on troubleshooting why a lock’s batteries might die fast.


Using WiFi, you can get six months of battery life out of standard alkaline AA batteries. You can get up to a year out of those standard batteries using the Thread protocol.