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Samsung TV Series 8—Everything You Need to Know

Last Updated Dec 19, 2021
samsung tv

The Samsung TV Series 8 can be bought online and in-person at most stores that sell electronics. There is so much information and so many other types of TV’s, it can be hard to digest the differences between them all and decide if the Samsung TV Series 8 is the right one for you.

It may be advisable when looking into the Samsung TV Series 8 to start at the basics, knowing if it is a smart TV, and working your way up to learning specs and ease of use. Keep reading to learn more about the Samsung TV Series 8.

Is the Samsung TV Series 8 a Smart TV?

It is nice to have a smart TV with built-in features making you capable of streaming all your favorite shows and listening to your favorite music.

The Samsung TV Series 8 is a smart TV capable of all the features you have grown to love.

Not only does the Samsung Series 8 TV have the full capabilities of your other smart TVs, but it also has gaming features, such as a lower-lag gaming speed, for those out there who are gamers. The Samsung Series 8 TV also has Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility.

How to Tell If You Have a Smart TV

There is a simple process to tell if you have a smart TV, simply follow these steps listed below:

  • Press the home or menu button on your TV remote
  • Check for square boxes showing ads for TV shows or apps
  • Check for network/Wi-fi menu selection

If these square boxes showing ads and apps are present and the TV has network capabilities, you have a smart TV!  You can also google your TV’s model number to ensure it is a smart TV.

How to Locate the Serial and Model Number on Your Samsung TV

Finding the serial and model number on your Samsung TV does not have to be a daunting task. Samsung makes these relatively simple to find on their TVs.

The serial and model number of Samsung TVs are typically located on the right side of your TV. For older model TVs, this is found on the back of the TV. For newer Smart TVs, you can find the serial and model number by going to the menu and finding the support and contact Samsung options. There you will find the serial and model number of your TV listed on the screen.

Once you have located the serial and model number of your Samsung TV, you can then google that number to figure out if your TV is a smart TV. Keep reading for further details about the Samsung Series 8 TV.

What Does 8 Series Mean on a Samsung TV?

The Samsung TV Series 8 was one of the top screens for performance and picture quality in 2013. It is an LED TV and has a thin, sleek feature. But what does the 8 Series mean on the Samsung TV?

The Series number on the Samsung TV simply means the version of the TV and can be a way to date the TV to determine the latest model.

It is important to note that you may find the Samsung TV Series 8 under different names, such as the TU8000 Series TV, or instead of using Series, sometimes the TV is listed under Class. All of these mean the same thing—you have or are looking at a Samsung TV Series 8.

Is the Samsung Series 8 4k?

Being a 4k TV means that the TV has 4k resolution. A 4k TV has about 8.3 million pixels. These pixels are what form the image on your screen, and the higher pixel count, the higher resolution of the TV.

The Samsung Series 8 TV is a 4k TV, meaning it has this higher pixel count and better resolution.

Knowing a TV is 4k can be further broken down into specifics. These specifics include the following:

  • The TV has 3,840 horizontal pixels
  • The TV has 2,160 vertical pixels
  • Resolutions usually shown as “3840 x 2160” for 4k TVs
  • This is 4 times more pixels than traditional HD TVs

The world in general is further embracing 4k capabilities and now more streaming services and DVDs portray 4k better than ever. If you would like to learn more about Samsung TVs, check out this article.

What Are the Specs of the Samsung TV Series 8?

The Samsung Series 8 TV is packed with features:

  • Display Type: LED
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR): Yes
  • High Dynamic Range Format: Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG), HDR 10+
  • Backlight Type: Edge Lit
  • Curved Screen: No
  • 3D Technology: No
  • Screen Mirroring: Yes
  • Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
  • Motion Enhancement Technology: Motion Rate 240
  • Number of HDMI Inputs: 4
  • Works with: SmartThings, Bixby
  • Voice Assistant Built-in: Bixby

The Samsung TV Series 8 also supports Dolby Digital Plus and has built in speakers of 20 watts. It includes Bluetooth capabilities, has a quad-core processor, has a game mode, and an eco sensor.

How To Update Your Samsung Smart TV Series 8

Updating your TV from time to time is important in having the ability to add new features or fix any possible bugs the TV may have. 

You can update your TV over the internet network or through using a USB flash drive.

Both options are relatively simple to accomplish.

How To Update Samsung Series 8 TV Through the Internet?

Updating Your Samsung TV through the Internet/Wi-fi Network involves a few steps and usually only takes a few minutes to complete.

The steps needed to take to update your Samsung TV through the internet/Wi-fi connection is listed below:

  1. Grab Your TV remote
  2. Find and Select Settings
  3. Find and Select Support
  4. Find and Select Software Update
  5. Select Update Now

It is important to remember not to turn off your TV while it is performing the update. Your TV will then restart automatically when it has finished the update.

How To Update Samsung Series 8 TV Through USB Flash Drive

This process can be a bit more daunting and involves more steps than updating your Samsung TV through the internet connection. However, this can still be a relatively simple task.

The steps needed to take to update your Samsung TV through a USB Flash Drive is listed below:

  1. Visit Samsung Download Center
  2. Enter TV model number (or search for your TV)
  3. Redirected to Support Page for your TV
  4. Locate Downloads
  5. Locate and Select firmware file for your Samsung Series 8 TV (install the newest version)
  6. Locate and Select Download
  7. Grab your TV Remote
  8. Locate and Select Settings
  9. Locate and Select Support
  10. Locate and Select Software Update
  11. Locate and Select Update Now
  12. Select Yes

Your Samsung Series 8 TV will automatically search the USB Flash Drive for the needed update file. Follow any on-screen instructions to finish the installation. As with updating through the internet, the update will take a few minutes to complete, and remember not to turn off your TV while it is updating.

Can the Samsung Series 8 TV Perform Updates Automatically?

With busy schedules and daily things needed to remember, it can be easy to forget to update your Samsung TV Series 8.

The Samsung Series 8 TV has the capability of updating automatically if it is connected to the internet/Wi-fi network.

This can be beneficial to you if you are looking for ease of use and would like less tasks you have to remember.

How to Set Up Your Samsung Series 8 TV To Update Automatically

By having the capability of downloading updates automatically, your Samsung Series 8 TV will install the update while you are watching TV and will apply the update the next time you turn on your TV, so this will not interrupt your relaxation time.

The steps needed to set up automatic updates on your Samsung TV are listed below:

  • Grab your TV Remote
  • Locate and Select Settings
  • Locate and Select Support
  • Locate and Select Software Update
  • Locate and Select Auto Update

When you have selected Auto Update, you will then be able to turn on or off the capability for your Samsung Series 8 TV to update automatically.

Wrapping Up

Your Samsung TV Series 8 comes packed with capabilities and has simple controls for ease of use. You can use your Samsung TV to enjoy Smart TV features, such as streaming your favorite shows, including having free live TV capabilities.

You can use your Samsung Series 8 TV to lead a more active lifestyle with its many workout video options. Your TV even includes an ambient mode so you can have some peace and unwind after a long day.

By having these features, plus their great specs, the Samsung Series 8 TV can be a great addition to your household.

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