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Samsung TV Series 7 – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated Dec 20, 2021
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If you’re planning to upgrade to a new Samsung TV, the Series 7 is a great option. Firstly, the manufacturer’s reputation is widely known, and secondly, it’s armed with some of the best features you can find in a modern television.

Samsung Series 7 has an impeccable 4K UHD resolution that combines with a 120Hz refresh rate to help the picture come to life. It utilizes the Samsung Smart Hub loaded with over 900 apps. It has a 4GB memory and utilizes DDR3 technology.

That’s not all, as this TV is packed with impressive features making it one of the best modern smart TVs, which you will learn if you read on.

Why is Samsung Series 7 Unique?

A demand for high-functioning yet affordable smart TVs has been on the rise, and Samsung saw an opportunity to increase its market share. They designed the Series 7 TV to curb this market, and in the process, they came up with one of the best-LED TVs we have today. Samsung Series 7 has outstanding features that have made it perform exceptionally in the market.

This is what makes Samsung Series 7 unique:

4K Resolution and High Contrast

Series 7 is known for its 4K resolution, which is perfect for bringing out every picture detail. The 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio means superb picture quality that you can find on only a select few TV brands.

120Hz Refresh Rate

To add to improved picture quality, Series 7 has 120Hz auto motion plus, meaning the picture gets refreshed 120 times within a second.

Digital Connectivity

The Series 7 comes equipped with three HDMI ports for easy digital connectivity. It can also support three digital connections at once, but you’ll have to switch between them as you cannot use them simultaneously.

Built for Performance

Samsung has invested heavily in making this TV perform at its highest pick by combining several technology and specs. For instance, the TV comes with a 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor, which triples the unit’s performance compared to an ordinary television. As a result, you get a TV that performs at its highest, allowing multitasking and a quick reboot. It’s also among the few TVs that can support a Skype video call while watching TV.

Smartphone Mirroring

Projecting your smartphone’s screen to the TV without any cables or an internet connection is a time-saver and an efficient way of viewing your pictures and videos on a large display. You also don’t need to install any special software for this to work, as the feature comes embedded within the system.

Crystal Display and Vivid Colors

Getting a realistic view of the image or video is something a lot of people appreciate. The Crystal display ensures the images are clear and show every detail, while the vivid colors help to bring life into the objects. Immerse yourself into a colorful world filled with unspeakable beauty. Series 7 also utilizes HDR technology, which adds to the picture’s quality.

Game Enhancer

The Auto Game Mode helps to turn the already impressive TV into a gaming monitor that minimizes lag and delay. The feature comes in handy in a high-speed game where you need more input and keep an eye on the response time. If you’re a gamer, you’ll appreciate this little trick from Samsung.

Remote Access

Besides mirroring your laptop and smartphone wirelessly to the TV, you can also remotely access the computer’s files. Since it supports Microsoft 365, you can also work on your office documents from the comfort of your home.

Hidden Cables

Stop worrying about the cables cluttering around your TV since you can tuck them neatly inside the stand. It might not seem like much, but this will help you appreciate the TV’s design more.

What We Liked More About Samsung Series 7

The Series 7 comes in different sizes, with the maximum being 75 inches. The thin frame also helps bring out the design, allowing you to concentrate more on the screen than the frame.

The 4K resolution is an added advantage, allowing you to get crystal clear pictures. HDR capability and the use of Crystal Processor 4K add to the functionality of the TV, allowing for clear graphics and multitasking.

The Smart Hub connection gives you access to more apps, and the One Remote Experience allows you to operate the TV without needing more remote controls.


Samsung Series 7 is a remarkable TV with impressive features. It comes with a 4K resolution, which helps bring out the color and every detail of the picture. The game enhancer will come in handy when playing your favorite video game, while smartphone mirroring allows you to connect to the TV wirelessly. You can also access and edit your PC’s documents remotely. The Series 7 is also worth the money, given its features.

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