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Samsung TV Series 6 – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated Dec 17, 2021
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It’s impossible to mention TV manufacturers and not include Samsung on that list. The company is known for its outstanding televisions, and Samsung Series 6 is an excellent example. The TV is designed for optimal performance while also remaining affordable.

Samsung Series 6 allows connecting to your smartphone without needing the internet. The unit comes in a glass frame design, adding to its aesthetic appeal. Multitasking is where it shines since it utilizes a dual-core processor. There are more than 900 apps when using Samsung’s Smart Hub panel.

That’s not all, as the TV has a lot of features that make it unique and stand out from its competitors, which you will learn if you read on.

What Makes Samsung Series 6 Unique?

Thanks to its cutting-edge innovations, Samsung has managed to stay relevant in a technological world that keeps evolving. The company has not only come up with impeccable products, but it has also cemented its place at the top of Fortune 500 tech companies. Samsung Series 6 is an excellent example of their achievements, with the television unit retaining all the great qualities from Samsung but remaining affordable as well.

Here’s what makes this TV unit unique:

Outstanding Resolution

A Samsung TV would never be complete without an out-of-this-world resolution. They wouldn’t let a unit off the production line if it didn’t live up to the expectations. As you would suspect, the Series 6 has a 3840 x 2160p resolution, which is a crystal-clear 4K resolution. This helps to bring out the picture quality, providing you with an exceptional viewing experience.

120Hz Refresh Rate

The Series 6 TV adds more picture quality by providing 120 refresh rates per second. This helps to eliminate any blurriness and improve the flow of the picture. The refresh rate is the industry standard, with many TVs equipped with the same feature.

Screen Mirroring

Being able to connect and share your smartphone with the TV is impressive, given that you don’t need any internet connection to do this. This feature is perfect for a simple presentation or browsing through your photo gallery with your family.

Smart Hub and a Plethora of Apps

A smart TV isn’t complete without native apps to help you unlock its functionality. Luckily, Series 6 comes equipped with Samsung’s Smart Hub 2.0, which has over 900 apps. Whichever app you have in mind, you can always find it, or at least, a viable alternative.

Dual-Core Processor

A processor determines how quickly a TV responds to commands, and the Series 6 has a Dual-Core processor in place. It’s a powerful processor that allows the TV to perform at its optimum capacity while also multitasking. Forget about the apps crashing or the picture freezing because of the TV overheating. With such a processor, you can run several apps at a go without exhausting the resources.

Impeccable Convergence

Picture viewing has always been the center of attention for Samsung, and they have done so with the Series 6. The TV comes equipped with 176 degrees vertical and horizontal viewing, allowing you to get every picture, regardless of the angle you’re watching from. This puts less strain on your eyes while also giving everyone the same view of the TV.

Beautiful Design

The glass frame design helps to bring out the beautiful structure of this TV. The black uniformity makes it perfect for watching in the dark, as there would be little destruction from the frame. You can almost tell by one look that this is a Samsung TV from the design.

What We Liked About Samsung Series 6

Samsung Series 6 has some good features that set it apart from its competitors, but there are some that are outstanding. For starters, it’s a very decent and affordable smart TV with premium features. Secondly, the ability to connect a smartphone without needing an internet connection wins over many votes. The 4K resolution is more than you can ask for, which provides outstanding picture quality. Series 6 also comes in three sizes: 40”, 50”, and 60”.

The TV comes with three HDMI ports for easy connectivity, allowing you to plug in more than one media source. The plug-and-play option makes it easy to play the media straight from the USB device without installing any software.


Samsung Series 6 is an incredible TV with outstanding features. You can always count on this TV to get you crystal-clear images from screen resolution to magnificent refresh rate. Also, it has maintained a magnificent design which makes it stand out from the crowd. You can browse through your smartphone gallery directly to the TV, play media from the USB device without any software, and take advantage of hundreds of apps. You can choose from different sizes which have similar features.

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