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Samsung TV Series 5 – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated Dec 17, 2021
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Samsung has a reputation for coming up with some of the best products, and Samsung TV Series 5 is one of them. The television set has done well in the market and has also managed to set very high standards among the competition.

Samsung Series 5 is famous for its impeccable Full HD, vibrant colors, an impressive Soccer Mode, and watching movies from the USB. All these combine to give you crystal clear images, which help to improve the overall viewing.

That’s not all, as you need to know the key features that make this TV stand out, which you will learn if you read on.

What’s Unique about Samsung TV Series 5?

When it came out, Samsung TV Series 5 was the biggest step any TV manufacturer had ever made, and it helped to revolutionize the market, setting new standards. As a result, Samsung Series 5 helped to cement the company’s position as the leading TV brand. There are many reasons why Samsung Series 5 was among the best, and they include:

Full HD

The 1920 x 1080 LED panel of the Samsung Series 5 was among the best at the time. The company’s brilliant marketing strategy saw the TV set enter the market at the same time people were migrating from HDTV to FHD. There was a clear difference between the two resolutions, and that’s why Series 5 became very famous during the time, particularly for gamers.

60Hz Refresh Rate

The refresh rate refers to the number of times an image refreshes in a second. In this case, the Series 5 TV has a 60Hz refresh rate, meaning the image refreshes 60 times within a second. At its release, the refresh rate was the highest, and it has remained pretty good.

Wide Color Enhancer Plus

Color plays a major role in the image quality of any TV set, and the Series 5 has a wide color Enhancer Plus, which is very impressive. The Enhancer Plus provides you with multiple colors you can choose from, giving you an enriched viewing, to resemble the real-life situation.

ConnectShare Movie

You can now play media content straight from your USB device without needing special equipment or a computer. The ConnectShare Movie feature allows for a plug-and-play option and works immediately. You can bring the family together for a night of entertainment, and all you need is a USB device.

DTS Studio Sound

For impeccable surround sound, the Series 5 comes equipped with DTS Studio Sound, a world-leading sound technology to offer complete home sound. The result is a balanced yet clear sound output, and you won’t have to worry about sound distortion.

Dual 10W Speakers

To add more quality to the sound output, Samsung Series 5 comes equipped with two 10W speakers that are powerful and clear enough for optimal sound transmission. The sound output might not be as powerful as a subwoofer’s, but it’s still decent enough for home use.


Samsung Series 5 comes digital-ready, and all you have to do is plug in the cable, and you’re good to go. The DVB T2 is the latest digital TV technology you can find on many TVs today. If you don’t fancy cable or satellite TV, you’ll enjoy the digital TV option.

Different Sizes

Samsung Series 5 comes in different screen sizes, with 32 inches being the smallest and 50 inches the biggest. All these features are included in every screen size.

Energy Star Certified

Living in a world where carbon emission has turned problematic, Samsung has found a way to reduce such emissions and consume less energy with this TV set. As a result, you get a TV that helps you save energy and helps you protect the environment.

What Impresses the Most With Samsung Series 5?

Samsung has retained their classic design with Series 5, and they have made the frame thinner, allocating the actual screen more room. The two HDMI ports are perfect if you have more than one device to connect to the TV. It’s also Energy Star certified, and the speakers are loud and clear enough for optimal sound output. Samsung has always done an incredible job with colors, and you can see that in this unit.


Samsung Series 5 is a benchmark of modern televisions and has performed exceptionally in the TV market. It doesn’t compromise on video and picture quality, allows playing media through the USB stick, has two HDMI ports, and a wide color Enhancer Plus that lets you customize how colorful you want the pictures to be using a single button. The DTS Studio Sound is everything you need for clear and distortion-free sound. The 60Hz refresh rate is the minimum with high-end TVs like Samsung and helps to keep the pictures crystal clear.

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