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Samsung TV Series 4 – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated Dec 19, 2021

With so many models and brands, picking the best tv for you is harder than it’s ever been. Samsung is one of the world’s most well-known tv brands and has a wide selection of models to choose from. You may have seen the Samsung TV series 4 and wondered what kind of TV it is. Here is everything you should know about the Series 4 tv models.

The Samsung TV series 4 has various different models within this series. They are sized at around 32” inches, but some may be smaller. The Series 4 models have perks similar to other Samsung models like HD resolution, built-in wi-fi, sleek modeling, and a wide range of media support.  

Samsung is one of the world’s biggest TV manufacturers, and the series 4 is just one option to choose from. There are other models, brands and there are many other TV manufacturers for you to look at. Let’s go over everything the Series 4 models have to offer, so you can decide if this is right for you.

Samsung TV Series 4

The Samsung Series 4 has different models for you to choose from. They are all flat-screen models and are typically around 32” inches. The Samsung Series 4 has similar traits to other tv models by the Samsung brand. The J4500A, J4300A, and J400A are all part of series 4. The Samsung H4000 is also a part of the series 4 and is only around 24 inches.

Samsung uses series types to help consumers decide on what TV to buy and the standard they can expect. Samsung series get more advanced over time, and the series 4 is one of the older models. The models you can find in Samsung Series 4 are all similar with minor differences. 

Series 4 has wifi connectivity, a 60hz screen, Dolby Digital Audio, and a slim design. The series 4 is harder  to find in stores but can be found online. If it fits your needs and you come across it then it may be worth picking up. The series 4 is around 200$ but you may be able to find it for cheaper. Samsung has other series that help tell you the quality of tv you are getting. 

Series 4 Features

Knowing the specs of the Samsung Series 4 models can help you tell the quality of TV when compared with other types. Series 4 is not the most high-end but still has some great features. The series 4 has good specs but may seem lacking compared to other high-end TVs. That is because these TVs are entry-level, but give a quality experience for a cheaper price.

Base Features of series 4:

  • 60 Hz screen
  • LED display
  • Sound output of 10 W
  • Netflix, Disney plus, and Youtube integrated
  • Easy Wifi Setup
  • 1366 x 768 Resolution

There are different models of series 4 TVs by Samsung, but this is what you can expect when buying. These TVs have a cheap price and are an entry-level model by Samsung. While they may be smaller than other tv models they are great for places with limited space or in personal settings. 

Samsung Series 4 Specs

Samsung Series 4 Specs:

Series TypeSeries 4
Display resolution1366 X 768
Display TypeLED
Smart TVYes
Speakers 4 speakers
Ethernet1 port
HDMI2 ports
USB1 port
Screen MirroringYes
Operating SystemTizen

The series 4 has decent models, but may be lacking if you are looking for a high-end tv. Samsung offers other TVs and different series for everyone to enjoy. Series 4 has worse specs, size, and quality when compared with other Samsung models but only because it is entry-level.  If you would like to learn more about Samsung TVs, check out this article.

Series 4 Compared To Other Samsung Models

Samsung has other TV models and series if you want other options to choose from. Series 4 is an entry-level model but is great for a simple model. As the series progresses, you will find better specs and higher-end TVs.

Some of the other Samsung TV models and series:

  • 5 Series: Smaller TVs that are smart with HD display
  • 6 Series: Smart TV with quad-core processing and smart apps.
  • 7 Series: Size ranges from 40 to 65 inches with 3d features and UHD screens display
  • 8 Series: Up to 100hz refresh rate, with slimmer design and camera in some models.
  • 9 series: Models sized 55” inches and up with SUHD display technology.
  • QLED Series: One of Samsung’s most premium models with 4k  and 8k displays.

The series 4 is one of the first tv series brought out by Samsung. Series 4 have entry-level models and by series 8 you get a more premium experience. 


As each model progresses, they have the same traits along with improved specs for a better experience. The series 4 has good entry-level models fit for someone looking for a quality basic smart tv.

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