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Samsung TV Digital Audio Out Not Working – Troubleshooting

Last Updated Dec 28, 2021
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Although TV speakers provide decent sound, it is always nice to have external speakers or soundbars to enhance your TV experience. These devices can provide that theatrical environment while TV speakers just won’t do, but sometimes the audio out may not work.

When it isn’t working for the Samsung TV digital audio out, there are many ways you can troubleshoot it to see if it is working. It may be a human error when connecting everything within the settings.

There are many reasons why your audio isn’t working. Here are all the causes and what you need to do to figure out the problem. 

Samsung TV Digital Audio Out Not Working – Troubleshooting

You can do many tests to determine why your audio out is not working on your Samsung TV. You don’t want to reset your entire TV first because you lose all your settings, and you will have to log back into all your applications. Here is what you need to do first before you choose to reset your TV:

  • Check the connection of your speakers.
  • Try connecting with a different method.
  • Test speakers on other devices first.
  • Change audio output.
  • Change the expert settings.
  • Try different sound settings.
  • Test the audio.

Check The Connection Of The Speakers

Before thinking about the worst, check how the speakers have been connected to the TV. You may have thought that everything was connected correctly to the right input and output, but sometimes, errors occur in the excitement of something new.

Take a second walkthrough of all your connections, cables, and devices. Ensure that each cable is connected to the right input and output. One wrong connection can cause the audio out to not work, even something as simple as a slightly loose cable.

If you have completed this step, you can proceed to the next troubleshooting.

Try Connecting With A Different Method

Speakers often have multiple ways of connecting to your TV. You can choose to pair it with your TV via Wi-Fi, an application, or Bluetooth. If you have tried this method, you can move to connect via a wire. Sometimes using a wire is one of the easiest ways to connect your speakers.

You don’t even have to connect your speakers to your TV. There are ways to connect through a DVR or a similar device. You can choose to do it this way if it is easier for you or if your TV doesn’t have all the proper inputs for your speakers to connect to.

Test Speakers With Other Devices

It may not always be your TV that is the cause for the silence. Sometimes the device is not compatible or has malfunctioned. This is more than likely the case if you had previous speakers on your television and suddenly, the audio out is no longer working.

Try to connect your device to another TV or another compatible device. See if the speakers work with these devices, and that will tell you if it is the speakers or something with the TV. If the speakers do work, it may be something within the TV’s settings.

Change Audio Output

The TV may automatically change the audio output or stick with the default settings. When you connect external speakers, it may not recognize it immediately or may not change from its default settings. Follow these steps to change your audio output:

  • Go to the TV’s menu settings.
  • Find the “sound section.”
  • Set the audio output to “audio out” or “optical.”

Changing this setting will allow the external speakers to receive the sounds rather than the audio going through the television’s speakers.

Change The Expert Settings

Sometimes your Samsung TV may be too smart for its good. You may have to go to expert settings and change the audio out this way. Follow these steps to change this:

  • Go to TV’s menu settings.
  • Find “sound section.”
  • Look for “expert settings” and click on it.
  • Go to “HDMI input Audio and Digital Output Audio” and change each of them to “PCM.”

This helps change the default audio formats. The optical audio doesn’t work with digital output audio or HDMI input audio, and doing this may allow your speakers to start doing their thing for your TV.

Try Different Sound Settings

Sometimes you can just change the audio or sound settings. You will go to your sound settings within your TV, click on Optical, and then move to Digital Out Sound or PCM. Don’t choose any alternatives as they aren’t what you need set on your television.

Test The Audio

Before you decide to reset your entire TV settings to see if starting from scratch will do, test the audio. It could be whatever you are trying to play that is not working, and testing the audio will ensure that it isn’t any of the devices or applications at fault.

Before you reset your TV, you may want to try replacing any cables because it may be physical and not to do with your TV. Call tech support to ensure you are making the correct decision.


It can be frustrating when your external speakers are not working with your Samsung TV, but you should find the cause pretty quickly if you follow these steps. If not, try speaking with technical support at Samsung or the company that made the speakers. They may have more answers that can help you.

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