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Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug Review (Pros and Cons)

Mar 3, 2020
Smart things smart plug

The release of the Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug sparked the interest of many. This product aims at enhancing your experience in your own home by giving you full access to your utilities from your smartphone.

With easy access and the ability to control your appliances with the touch of a button, many are pleased with the product. The reviews vary, but overall enjoy the design and abilities of the product.

The Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug allows you to control small appliances from your SmartThings app. When you connect your device to a voice assistant you can control your plug by shouting a command. Some have struggled with glitches within the device, but enjoy not needing a hub for it to function.


With any new purchase, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of the device. With the Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug, there is a considerably long list of pros.

The convenient size and design, the wide range of appliances you have access to control, creating routines for your daily life, not requiring the SmartThings Hub, voice command and the easy to use smartphone app have left customers satisfied with their purchase.

Convenient Design

  1. The stackable design prevents the device from blocking other outlets when plugged in. It’s a rectangle shape with a single outlet.
  2. The power button on the side provides a manual option to power on or off your device.
  3. The LED light indicates where you are in the setup process. The light blinks green during setup, is solid green when connected, and is dark when the plug is off.
  4. Use more than one plug to work as a team for your satisfaction.
  5. The plug having three prongs on the back and a three-prong outlet on the front


With your Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug, you have access to control the appliances in your home from the convenience of your smartphone. You never have to panic, wondering if you left the coffee pot on or if you’re staying late at work but you need to vacuum.

This device does not require the SmartThings Hub for it to work. Typically, this is uncommon for SmartThings, but adds extra convenience for their customers and allows for easier setup.

With the Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug, you can control your appliances with your smartphone or Smartwatch. The appliances included are:

  1. Air Conditioner
  2. Washer/Dryer
  3. Robot Vacuum
  4. Refrigerator
  5. Wi-Fi- Hub
  6. Motion Sensor
  7. Samsung Smartwatch
  8. Camera
  9. Multifunctional Sensor
  10. Doorbell
  11. Lightbulb
  12. Lock
  13. Outlet
  14. Switch/Dimmer
  15. Thermostat
  16. TV
  17. AV

Want to learn about 20+ devices that are compatible with SmartThings in detail? We wrote a full article about it and how to use all of them!


The SmartThings device can be used to create a routine for you. A “Morning” routine might turn on your lights, turn up the thermostat and turn off the fan with one command. This allows your day to run without the stress of remembering to do everything before you leave your house or settle down for bed.

Voice Command

The Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug pairs with Bixby, Google Assistant and Alexa. If you ask your device to show you the inside of your fridge, it will show a real-time view of what’s inside your fridge via built-in camera.

SmartThings App

The SmartThings app is required for the function of the device. Use your Samsung account to create a SmartThings profile. After that is completed, the app will automatically search for any compatible devices. If you need to add new devices, use the camera on your smartphone to scan the QR Code on the product.


When considering the cons of the Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug, there are a few complaints that have left customers reconsidering their purchase. People have experienced constant glitches and don’t appreciate the need to replace their current appliances for the function of the device.


A 2019 review noted the struggles of their phone’s failure to find the plug’s temporary Wi-Fi network.

After solving the problem by holding the power button on the device, the pairing process was slow and overly convoluted. Their next struggle was when the unit refused to connect to their home network, insisting it was running at 5GHz.

Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug does not support Apple HomeKit.


With the Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smartplug, you will need the Samsung appliances that pair with the device. These appliances can be cost-effective and require you to replace your current appliances with the correct Samsung and smart devices.

SmartThings App

The SmartThings app is required for the use of your Samsung SmartThings Wifi Smart Plug device. Within the device is a feature showing your real-time power use called power meter and energy consumption meter, which shows how much power has been used over time.

Although this is helpful information, some have experienced a blank page when tapping on the historical graphs and activity history. It has also been noted that the power meter does not always update to real-time reliably. This requires you to exit the SmartThings home screen and re-enter your plug management system to get a new readout.

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