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Roku Express Can’t Find Wifi—6 Fixes to Try

Last Updated Jul 21, 2022
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Like other streaming devices of its kind, the Roku Express uses a WiFi connection to go across whatever content from different channels. Therefore, when it’s not connected to WiFi, there is a big issue.

However, there are a few ways you can resolve this issue. To learn how to apply these methods to solve the issue of your Roku expresses not finding or connecting to WiFi, stay with us!

6 Fixes for Roku Express Not Finding WiFi

Having a Roku Express fired on but unable to connect to WiFi is Akin to the streaming stick not working at all. One of the most basic things you can do is to try to connect other devices to the network. This will make you ascertain that the problem lies with the Roku Express, not the router.

When you ascertain that the router isn’t the problem, follow the instructions below.

Restart the Device

This is the most straightforward thing to do when your Roku Express isn’t detecting WiFi. You often get exasperated by such a situation, yet the solution is simply to restart the device. More often than this, this works, and you will be good to go.

You can use two methods to restart your Roku Express: system restart or just remove it from power and plug it back in. To use system restart:

  • Press the home button on your Roku remote
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to System
  • Go to Power
  • Select System restart

The device will power off and on by itself.

Restart Your Router

Even if all other devices connect to the router without fuss, restarting the router might resolve the issue. Every router has a different way of restarting it, and one method that is common to all is unplugging the router from the power supply and plugging it back in.

Manually Enter the WiFi SSID and Password

If your network isn’t detected, you can manually input the details needed to connect to it. First, you have to check the WiFi SSID of your router. To do this, you can try looking for a sticker on the router that contains the SSID. However, not all routers have this, so you’ll have to detect it yourself. You’ll do this by checking the WiFi on another device connected to the network. Here, you can just click on it to expand the details, and you’ll find the SSID. Also, you can check the wireless router settings for it.

When you have the SSID, you can input it on your Roku Express and its password. You can do this by going to Network in Settings and then Connect network. Input the correct details and try to connect.

Change Wireless Broadcasting Channel

It is also possible that your Roku Express isn’t detecting WiFi because of some issues or compatibility problems with the channel the router is broadcasting. While there are slight differences in how to change channels on different types of routers manually, there are enough similarities that the general concept remains the same.

To change the channel, login into your router’s web interface by typing its IP address in a web browser. In the interface, input the username and password and change the channel in WiFi settings. As Roku express works on the 2.4 GHz band, ensure that the channel you change is on this band.

Connect to the Router Using an Ethernet Cable

This is not a solution but a workaround. If all else fails and you can not afford to lose all your data by resetting, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect to the network. Roku Express doesn’t have an Ethernet port, so you’ll have to make use of an Ethernet adapter.

To do this, first, disconnect the USB power cable from the micro USB port at the back of your Roku device and attach the adapter in its place.

Afterward, connect the Ethernet adapter to the power adapter of your Roku express and plug it into the power supply. You can then use the Ethernet cable to connect the router and the Ethernet port of the adapter.

Afterward, follow these steps to configure the connection:

  • Press the Home button on your Roku remote
  • Go to Settings
  • Select Network
  • Select Set up a connection
  • Select Wired

The device will then connect to the router via the Ethernet cable.

Factory Reset Your Roku Express

If all else fails, you’ll have to resort to that backup option that seldom fails—Factory data reset. This restores

Locate the reset button at the back of your Roku Express and press and hold for ten seconds. After ten seconds, the LED indicator will start blinking, and you should then release the button. Wait for the reset to be done, and the device will restart by itself. You can then try to detect your WiFi network again.

If all these fail, there is nothing else you can do beyond contacting Roku support for any additional help. Fortunately, the chances of none of the above working are slim, so you should be okay!


Every streaming device/media player needs an internet connection to work properly, and the inability to connect is a big issue. You can resolve it by following any of the methods discussed above. However, if they don’t work, contact Roku support for assistance.

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