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Roku Express Apple AirPlay Not Working—4 Fixes to Try

Last Updated Jul 19, 2022
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The Roku Express is among the Roku streaming players compatible with Apple AirPlay. This lets you stream, control, and share content from your iPad, Mac, or iPhone to your Roku Express and get a better overall experience when streaming your favorite shows. Sometimes, you may get an error message when connecting your Roku Express to your iPhone. How do you fix this AirPlay not working on your Roku device error?

AirPlay problems on your Roku Express are mainly due to deployment errors. This means the system is not functioning as it should, and you have issues with your internet connection, IOS device, or Roku. To resolve this issue, restart your AirPlay or router/modem. If the problem persists, restart or reset your Roku Express.

It can get really frustrating when you try to connect to your Roku Express through your iPad or iPhone, and it refuses to work. Thankfully, there is no need to worry, as this temporary issue can be fixed in a few minutes. You just need to find the probable causes and a solution. Keep reading to learn about these!

Why is Apple AirPlay Not Working on Roku Express?

The latest models of the Roku Express support screen mirroring. This means you can use AirPlay on your Roku Express. Therefore, if you are facing a problem with AirPlay not working on Roku Express, it is due to other reasons other than compatibility.

To be sure whether your Roku Express device is compatible or not, go to the Home screen, select Settings>System>About, and check for the software version and device model. You can also check Roku’s website for the latest compatibility information.

After you are certain that your Roku Express supports mirroring, you can start looking into other causes. Read on to learn more about what you can do when Apple AirPlay is not working on your Roku Express.

How to Fix AirPlay Not Working on Roku Express

As we earlier mentioned, AirPlay problems on your Roku Express can be caused by different issues. It can result from an issue with your IOS device, Roku device, or problems with the internet connectivity. The good thing is that there is no need to sweat or worry as there are various approachable fixes you can try in order to get back to your streaming stress-free.

Restart Your Router and Modem 

Most AirPlay connectivity problems are internet-related and therefore can be solved by a simple restart. You just need to restart your router or modem and wait a few minutes before turning it back on. You can also contact your internet provider to make sure that there is internet connectivity. Most providers have a map to check for service interruptions in your local area on their website, but this requires an alternate method of connecting to the internet, such as using data on a smartphone.
Update Roku Express and Apple device

It can be that AirPlay isn’t working because of a system update, and your Apple device or Roku Express lags. It can also be that the Apple device does not tick all the necessary boxes. For you to access AirPlay on your Roku Express, your Apple device should be a 9.4 or higher.

Therefore, updating your Apple device and Roku Express frequently is important. The process is not complicated and can be done by almost everyone. Open the settings tab on your Roku Express or Apple device, go to System> Systems update, and check whether your device is up to date.
Check Apple Support’s Suggested Steps to Addressing AirPlay Issues.

It can be that the problem is with your Apple device and not your Roku Express. Apple suggests you ensure your device is turned on and not too far from the Roku Express. If this fails, restart your Apple device and connect to the Roku player again.
Restart Your Roku Express

Another cause as to why your AirPlay is not working can be a problem with your Roku Express. To fix this, restart your Roku Express and try connecting your Apple AirPlay to Roku once more.

If the issue persists, try resetting your Roku device. However, this should be after you have tried all other fixes because resetting your Roku Express will lead to data loss. Once you reset your Roku player, you erase all your preferences, and the Roku Express will be restored to factory condition. It is only recommended to reset as a last resort.

No device is perfect. There are little hiccups here and there that can lead to the device behaving uncontrollably, but there is no need to worry. Most of these issues result from minor technical problems and can be resolved within minutes. 

For the most part, every fix discussed above should resolve your issue and go back to steaming and sharing your preferred content through Apple AirPlay on your Roku Express device. If everything fails, contact Roku support or Apple AirPlay support.

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