Ring Spotlight Cam vs. Ring Floodlight Cam (+ Easy to Read Table)

Ring floodlight camera with lights on installed on home.Ring floodlight camera with lights on installed on home.

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Protecting the outside of your home is more important today than ever. The ability to monitor packages, activity on your property, possible unwanted intruders, and more makes the decision to purchase an outside lighting solution important. Ring offers more than one product to help make this addition to your home security possible: the Ring Spotlight Cam and the Ring Floodlight Cam.

Depending on the size of your property, your available power source options, and the amount of light coverage and video quality you are seeking, both the Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight Cam offer a variety of included functions. You will need to compare the two choices to help you decide which one provides the right system choices. Keep reading to find out more about which Ring device is best for you.

Ring Spotlight vs. Ring Floodlight

While both the Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight Cams provide you with high-quality security and monitoring for your property, they both have different ways to power them, provide video, as well as how they offer lighting coverage. Next, we will compare the two devices to show you what each one can deliver for you:

 Ring Spotlight CamRing Floodlight Cam
Motion detectionThree zones for the camera, three zones for 90-degree spotlight activationThree zones for the camera, three zones for 90-degree floodlight activation
Wi-Fi network compatibility2.4 GHz2.4 GHz
Field of view140-degrees140-degrees
ConnectivityHard-wired, battery, and solar optionsHard-wired only
Night visionThe wired version offers color, battery and solar options offer black and white onlyColor
Finishes availableBlack or whiteBlack or white
Suggested bandwidthHigh-speed internetHigh-speed internet
Video resolution1080p HD1080p HD
Compatible with AlexaYesYes
Two-way communicationYesYes
Siren/alarmYes, 110 decibelsYes, 110 decibels

Is the Ring Spotlight Cam or Ring Floodlight Cam Better?

With both options providing high-quality functions for surveillance, lighting, and interacting, you might be wondering which product is the right one for your home security.

There are a few considerations that might help you decide which device will work best for you:

  • The Ring Floodlight Cam requires a hard-wired connection with no exceptions. Placing this device in an area without a dedicated power source could involve extensive upgrading of your electrical system to place it in your desired location.
  • The Ring Floodlight Cam also has a much larger lighting area. So, depending on the size of your property and your personal lighting preferences, enhanced lighting might be the right choice for you.
  • The Ring Spotlight Cam gives you many options for placement and connectivity. If there is no hard-wire option in your desired location, the Ring Spotlight Cam offers both battery and battery/solar options to allow you placement wherever you desire.
  • If recharging the batteries is something you are not seeking, the Ring Floodlight Cam, with its hard-wired only option, would be the optimal choice. However, if you have the Ring Spotlight Cam’s solar panel, you can avoid the required recharging.
  • The Ring Spotlight Cam is a good choice for those looking to put a light source and monitor in front of their home or reduce the light intensity for a smaller area.

What Do Users Say About the Ring Spotlight and Floodlight Cam?

When it comes to making a final decision on a home security product, it is worth the time to read what owners are saying about them. Many reviews offer great insight into what homeowners are experiencing with their product, and it can help you if you are undecided about which one to purchase.

  • The Ring Floodlight Cam has an impressive 4.7 out of 5-stars in the reviews. Owners talk about all product quality ranges, including how it is built, cloud functionality, video quality, installation experiences, and more that can help you decide.
  • Reviews for the Ring Spotlight Cam also rate high with 4.7 out of 5-stars as well. Read more about owner comments regarding battery life, video quality, and cloud storage to get a feel for what they are saying here.
  • Ring’s website also has a comprehensive section with video samples, along with customer comments that can add to your review and comparison experience of the products here.

Still undecided? You can visit Ring’s extensive support page here and contact them with any questions or concerns you have, helping you make the final decision about which product is right for you. You can chat live, call a support person, or visit the Ring community to further your research.


Both the Ring Spotlight and Ring Floodlight Cam offer a comprehensive list of features for every homeowner situation. They provide impressive video surveillance along with powerful lighting options and communication abilities. Differences between the two include power source options, level of video quality, and the amount of light coverage.

So, depending on your personal preferences, either of these high-quality cameras is a great option to add to your home security profile.

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