Ring Peephole Camera Not Working – Troubleshooting Guide

Peephole in doorPeephole in door

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Ring Peephole cameras replace your traditional peephole, allowing you to easily see who’s at the front door. However, Ring Peephole cameras can sometimes experience technical issues like every other smart device. 

The most common reasons Ring Peephole cameras stop working include:

  • No internet connection
  • Temporary glitches
  • Insufficient power 
  • Damage to the flex cable
  • Damage to the camera

How to Fix a Ring Peephole Camera

A Ring Peephole camera is a great way to add an extra layer of security to your home. 

However, these peephole-replacement cameras can sometimes experience technical issues. 

If your Ring Peephole Camera is not working, the first thing you should do is check to ensure your camera is connected to the internet.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, next steps include resets, battery changes, and replacements.

Reconnect to the Internet

Ring Peephole cameras need an internet connection to function properly. If your camera isn’t working, the first thing you should do is make sure you’re connected to the internet.

Open the Ring app and find your Peephole cam under “Devices.” Look for a WiFi symbol to check if your camera is connected to the internet.

If not, follow the steps below to reset the WiFi connection:

  • Remove the camera from its mount.
  • Open the Ring app and select the settings icon next to your Peephole camera.
  • Press “Device Health.”
  • Select “Change Wi-Fi Network.”
  • Choose the network you want to connect to.
  • Press the orange button on the back of your camera to enter setup mode.
  • Pair your camera to the WiFi network.
How to change WiFi network on Ring camera

We also made a quick video to help you change the WiFi on any Ring Camera:

Now, your camera should be connected to the internet. If not, you’ll need to follow a few troubleshooting methods

Perform a Soft Reset

You can perform two types of reset on a Ring Peephole camera — a soft reset and a factory reset.

A soft reset simply reboots the camera to clear any temporary glitches. You will not lose any settings or information.

How to reboot Ring camera

To soft reset your Ring Peephole camera, open the Ring app and tap “Devices.” Then, select your Peephole camera and press “Device Health.”

Under the “Device Health” menu, select “Tools,” and finally, “Reboot this Device.”

Charge or Replace the Battery

Ring Peephole cameras need a reliable power source to work properly. 

These cameras run on rechargeable battery packs that typically last a few weeks before needing a charge.

Ring battery

If your Ring Peephole camera isn’t working properly, make sure the battery is properly connected

The battery should fit firmly inside the compartment, and there should be no spaces between the closed compartment and the camera. 

If the battery is properly connected, the culprit could be a dead or low battery

How to Charge a Ring Battery

If you have your Peephole camera connected to the Ring app, you should be able to tell how much battery power it has left through the “Device Health” tab

If you notice low or no power, it’s time to charge your battery.

Follow the steps below to remove and charge your Peephole camera’s battery:

  • Find the battery cover at the bottom of your camera. Press on it to release the battery.
  • Charge your battery with the correct charger.
  • After the battery finishes charging, place it back in the camera and replace the cover.

If your battery won’t charge or runs out of power quicker than expected, it’s time to replace it.

Perform a Factory Reset

If you’re like me, you’d do nearly anything to avoid factory resetting a device. 

Factory resets clear all your personal settings and require you to set up your Peephole camera like new again.

But, sometimes, it’s the only way to fix the problem you’re having. A factory reset is the next logical step if you can rule out temporary glitches and dead batteries.

Follow the steps below to factory reset your Ring Peephole camera:

  • Remove your camera from the outside of the door.
  • Find the orange reset button on the back.
  • Press and hold the reset button for approximately 15 seconds.

Once the factory reset takes effect, you should see a flashing blue light, then a spinning white light, on the front of your camera.

Replace Your Flex Cable

A Ring Peephole camera’s flex cable is what connects it to the peephole and allows you to see an image through your camera.

As you probably know, these flex cables are very important to the camera’s inner workings.

Ring’s flex cables are extremely delicate and can easily be damaged during installation or through general wear and tear. 

Luckily, every Peephole camera comes with an extra flex cable for this exact reason. If your Peephole camera suddenly stops working, try replacing the flex cable. 

How to Replace Your Peephole Flex Cable

If you purchased your Ring Peephole camera new, it should have an extra flex cable. If your old flex cable is damaged, replacing it with the new one is the easiest fix.

Follow the steps below to replace your Peephole camera’s flex cable:

  • Remove the Peephole camera from your door.
  • Unplug the damaged cable. Pull the small tab above the port from the outdoor side of your camera to disengage it.
  • Remove the damaged cable.
  • Grab your new flex cable and remove the backing from the adhesive strip.
  • Attach the new cable.
  • Plug the new cable connector into the port.
  • Tuck the connector into the tube.
  • Reinstall the camera on your door.

If replacing the flex cable does not solve the problem, check the camera itself for damage.

A Damaged Peephole Camera

Like any other device, Ring Peephole Cameras can become damaged or wear out over time, eventually needing replacement.

If you purchased your Ring Peephole camera directly from Ring or an authorized retailer like Amazon, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.
If your Peephole camera stops working within one year of the original purchase date, contact Ring Customer Service to request a free replacement camera.

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