Ring Doorbell Narrow Installation

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Ring doorbells offer easy, DIY installation with an included installation kit to mount your doorbell on the door frame next to your door, but not all homes have the same door frame space. Some homes may have a space that is narrower than the Ring doorbell itself or a wall right next to the door frame that blocks the camera view, so there are several options for narrow installation.

Ring Doorbell Narrow Installation: If a door frame is too narrow to install a Ring Doorbell, the doorbell can be mounted directly to a door or an outer wall if it is battery operated. To increase camera visibility in a narrow space, use a corner installation kit or a wedge kit.

The narrow installation option you should choose depends on what your space looks like. For fellow DIY folks, I have provided details on how to install your Ring Doorbell using each narrow installation option. 

How to Narrow Install a Ring Doorbell

Ring Doorbell and Doorbell 2 come with the following installation kit:

  • Mounting bracket
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill bit
  • 4 screws
  • 4 anchors
  • Level 
  • USB charging cable

Ring Doorbell 2 includes the Wedge and Corner Install Kits free of charge. These additional installation kits can also be purchased online. 

Ring Video Doorbell

You can install a battery-operated Ring Doorbell almost anywhere using the provided installation kits. 

Door and Wall Installation

If you have a battery-operated doorbell, follow these steps to install it directly on your door:

  1. Charge the doorbell battery with the USB charger provided with your doorbell. When the battery light turns green, the doorbell is fully charged. 
  2. Place the doorbell in the center of your door about four feet off the ground.
  3. Use the level tool to confirm that the doorbell is level. Mark the positions of the four corner holes with a pencil. 
  4. Use a drill with the provided drill tip and screws to make mounting holes.
  5. Screw your doorbell onto the wall and attach the provided faceplate. 

You can also install your doorbell onto an outer wall of your home no matter the material of the wall. Follow the same steps above for installation. If the wall is made of brick, concrete, or stucco, place the provided anchors in the holes you drill, and place the screws inside the anchors. 

Corner Kit

If your doorbell did not come with a Corner Kit, you can purchase one using this link. Ring makes their own version of this angle mount, but there are several other versions as well ranging from adjustable angles of 15 to 55 degrees. 

An angle mount is ideal for a door frame that is narrower than a doorbell or if there is a wall right next to the door frame blocking the camera’s view on one side. This mount is also helpful if you need to mount your doorbell on a wall adjacent to your door because you can angle the doorbell to face your door. 

Steps to install the Ring Corner Kit:

  1. Place the angle mount where you would like your doorbell to go and check the level.
  2. Using the provided drill bit or screwdriver, screw the shorter two screws provided into the top and bottom holes of the mount.
  3. To increase the angle, remove the screws, place an additional mount over the first one, and screw it into place using the longer screws.
  4. Attach your doorbell to the angle mount. 

If you are using the Corner Kit on a wall made of brick, concrete or stucco, make sure to use the provided anchors in the screw holes. 

Wedge Kit

A Wedge Kit allows you to angle your doorbell down for a better camera view. This is beneficial if you are using a hard-wired doorbell and the doorbell wires are located above chest level on your door frame, or if the door has steps leading up to it. 

The Wedge Kit angle mount offers adjustments of 5, 10, or 15 degrees. The kit can be purchased here

Install the Wedge Kit by following the same steps used for the Corner Kit. The wedge mount can even be installed on top of the corner mount to get just the right angle for your Ring doorbell.

Choosing the Right Doorbell 

If you are considering the purchase of a Ring doorbell, measure the space on your door frame where you want to install it and compare that to the dimensions of the doorbells that Ring offers to choose the one that best fits your space. 

Keep in mind that if you are using a hard-wired doorbell, it needs to be installed where your existing doorbell wires are located. 

Here are the dimensions of the different Ring doorbells:

Dimensions in inches:Ring Video DoorbellRing Video Doorbell 2Ring Video Doorbell ProRing Video Doorbell Elite

Consider the Ring Doorbell Pro if your home has a narrow installation space and you will hardwire your doorbell. 

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