Ring Doorbell Button Cracked. Can It Be Replaced?

Bottom of ring doorbell with blue lightBottom of ring doorbell with blue light

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Many Ring doorbell owners have reported that the button on their doorbell cracks after one or two years, so I did some research online to find out if a broken Ring doorbell button can be replaced.

Ring doorbell button cracked. Can it be replaced? Ring doorbell buttons cannot be replaced. If the button is broken, the entire doorbell needs to be replaced. Ring Warranty is 1-year for replacement. Contact Ring customer service for help. 

If your Ring doorbell button is cracked, check to see if the doorbell is under warranty. I have also provided information on what might have caused your doorbell button to crack, so you can avoid having this problem again with your replacement doorbell.

Ring Doorbell Button Cannot Be Replaced

Ring’s doorbell button is made of plastic and can therefore crack fairly easily. Unfortunately, a cracked Ring doorbell button cannot be replaced. Based on posts in various online forums, all versions of Ring doorbell are susceptible to this issue. 

Click here to contact Ring customer service about replacing your doorbell. 

Ring Doorbell Warranty 

Ring doorbells come with a one-year limited warranty. If your doorbell is still under warranty with the button cracks, Ring may send you a replacement doorbell for free. 

Replacement doorbells also have a one year warranty. Click here for details about Ring’s warranty.

If you are out of warranty, your best bet is probably to consider the new Ring 3 or the Nest Hello. (Get the Ring 3 if you want the Pre-Roll (Pre-records when it captures something on video a few seconds ahead of time) function and get the Nest Hello if you want better smart home integration).

Ring 3
Ring 3 (Click Image View on Amazon)

Ring’s Protect Plus subscription plan also includes a warranty for all your Ring devices while your subscription is active. Protect Plus plans can be paid monthly or annually and do not require a contract. In order to qualify for the extended warranty, your Ring doorbell must still be under the one-year limited warranty when you sign up for Protect Plus.

Potential Causes of a Cracked Button

Some Ring doorbell owners hypothesize that a cracked doorbell button is caused by sun exposure. However, Ring has not confirmed this. 

Another reason for a cracked button may be a design flaw by Ring. This means that it’s possible for your doorbell to crack just from normal use. The likelihood of this happening depends on how often the doorbell is pushed and with how much force. 

If there are people who regularly ring your doorbell such as a nanny or dog walker, consider using an alternate method to give this person access to your home. For example, if you have a Ring compatible smart lock, you can give this trusted person their own unique access code to enter your home. 

Click here to purchase the Ring doorbell-compatible smart lock. If you have a Ring Alarm, there are many other compatible smart lock options. Here’s the complete list of “Works With Ring” smart locks. Ring has confirmed plans for these smart locks to be compatible with Ring doorbells in the future.

Worried if the Ring can handle water from rain and other weather-related issues? Read our full article here about it!

Using Ring Doorbell With a Cracked Button

If your Ring doorbell button is cracked, the rest of the doorbell functions will still work properly. Here’s what you can do with your Ring doorbell without a working button:

  • Receive notifications on your phone or tablet when movement is detected
  • View the doorbell’s live stream
  • Use two-way audio to talk to someone who is at your door
  • Automatically record when movement is detected if you have a Ring subscription plan
  • View and save doorbell recordings if you have a Ring subscription plan

While the doorbell button is helpful, it is actually not necessary. If someone comes to your door, you will receive a motion detection notification regardless of whether that person rings your doorbell or not. Therefore, you will still know when you have a visitor even if your doorbell button doesn’t work.

Ring Protect Plus

Ring’s Protect Plus subscription plan includes many helpful features in addition to an extended warranty for your Ring devices.

  • Professional monitoring if you have a Ring Alarm
  • Automatic recording of motion detected events
  • Manual recording through live view 
  • Cloud service to save videos for 60 days
  • Screenshot capture
  • 10% off products purchased at Ring.com 

Ring’s cheaper Basic Protect plan does not include the extended warranty, professional monitoring, or 10% discount. 

Protecting Your Ring Doorbell From the Elements

There is speculation that a cracked Ring doorbell button is caused by sun exposure. If you must install your doorbell in direct sunlight, there are several products to help protect your Ring doorbell from sun damage. 

Depending on at which angle the sun hits your doorbell, this sun visor may help prevent sun damage. You could also use a wedge mount to angle your doorbell down so that the sun doesn’t hit the button directly. Some Ring doorbells come with wedge mounts, and they can also be purchased here. Make sure to choose the wedge mount that fits your version of Ring doorbell.

While Ring doesn’t provide information about sun exposure, they do provide information about exposure to other elements. Ring doorbells do not have an IP rating, the official weatherproof rating system, but Ring states their doorbells can withstand the following types of weather:

  • Heavy rain
  • Strong wind
  • Temperatures between -5 and 120 degrees
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