Ring Dashboard Won’t Load? 4 Solutions

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Ring Doorbells or a popular way for homeowners to monitor their house, see who’s outside their door, and communicate with visitors without leaving the comfort of their couch.

When your Ring dashboard won’t load, it’s typically because you have poor network connectivity, the Ring app is experiencing problems, or your cell phone lags. Your app issues are unrelated to your Ring device.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about why your Ring dashboard won’t load and the solutions you can use to resolve this problem.

Will Ring Dashboard Load Without Wi-Fi?

You need access to your Ring dashboard so that you can manage your Ring devices and monitor your home.

You’ll have difficulty using your Ring cameras if this dashboard doesn’t load.

This dashboard can display multiple Ring devices, so you can have a clear and safe view of your home.

You can use your Ring dashboard to access all the necessary information for your devices and view your live home feed.

To use your Ring dashboard without Wi-Fi, you must subscribe to the Ring Protect Pro plan.

Ring will also use your cellular data to monitor your home if you disconnect from Wi-Fi.

However, Ring still uses Wi-Fi as its default connection.

So if Wi-Fi is available in the area, your Ring devices will automatically connect.

Is My Ring Device Too Far From My Router?

If you keep your Ring device too far away from your router, you’ll have difficulty loading your application.

However, you can resolve this problem by adding a Wi-Fi mesh system throughout your home to extend your connectivity.

Why Won’t My Ring Dashboard Load?

When you can’t load your Ring dashboard, it can be frustrating because you can’t see what’s happening around your home.

So, you’ll need to identify the problem before working through our solutions.

There are four main reasons your Ring dashboard won’t load while connected to Wi-Fi. Your phone could have trouble connecting to the network, the Ring app could need a restart or update, or you need to restart your phone.

Below, we will elaborate on these problems and teach you how to troubleshoot your Ring dashboard.

After you get your dashboard up and running, you can resume monitoring your home.

How to Fix Ring Dashboard Loading Issues

Your Ring dashboard can suffer from network connection errors, Ring app maintenance, or common phone troubles.

When these problems arise, you could feel out of control of your home security system.

Network Connectivity Issues on Your Phone

You can determine whether network connectivity is your problem by testing your Wi-Fi on your computer or a different smartphone.

You can also run an Internet speed test on your browser to see if you have connection problems despite your Wi-Fi working.

Slow Internet can make it difficult for you to load the Ring app.

 If your Internet is slow or you have a weak connection, follow these steps to reset your Wi-Fi modem and router.

  1. Unplug your Ring device and your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Wait about five minutes for the devices to cool down.
  3. Plugin your devices and wait for five minutes for them to reboot.

This process will take around 5 minutes, so you’ll need patience.

After your Wi-Fi router boots up, reconnect your smartphone to your Internet and try the Ring app again.

Ring App Needs to be Restarted

The app might be glitching if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t the issue. It will need to be restarted.

To restart the Ring app, you can exit your phone’s home screen and clear your applications.

Ring App Needs an Update

After you’ve checked your Wi-Fi connection and restarted your ring app, you should consider updating your application.

If it still doesn’t load. Follow the steps below to update your Ring app.

  1. Enter your App Store.
  2. Find your “manage apps and device options.”
  3. Scroll through your list of apps with an update available until you find Ring.
  4. Update your application.

Fortunately, updating an application is shorter than updating your phone.

Most applications finish their updates within a minute.

Phone Needs to be Restarted

Your phone’s brand and model will affect how you need to restart.

For example, some cell phones make you hold down a button on the side to restart.

Others have you tap a button on the screen to restart your device.

If you’re overdue for any phone updates, you should go through with them to ensure your app works when your phone powers back on.

In Conclusion

Ring devices can add extra security to your home, but if you have trouble loading your application, this can interfere with your sense of comfort.

It would be best to update your application, check your Wi-Fi connection, and restart your phone if you have trouble loading your Ring device.

It’s also important to remember that the Ring app could be under maintenance.

If you’ve tried our solutions and you’re still struggling with your Ring dashboard, contact Ring’s customer support for further assistance.

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