Here you are, you have finally decided to protect your home and what’s important to you. Now what? You are holding the ring chime and ring pro and wonder if all of the hype is worth it? Let us review them both and see!

They both come with ring tones you can choose from and are easily plugged into an outlet. Some may be happy with just the ring chime making it easier to hear who is at your door. Others are considering the upgrade wanting more security and need to know more in order to make a decision. Whichever side you are on, we’ve got your back! Let’s dive in!

In this article, you’ll hear about the pros and cons of both to help you decide which is best for you. After all, the one with the most bells and whistles isn’t always the one that everyone should buy. Read on to decide which version is best for you!

Ring Chime

Many features are included in this device. We will review those and the pros and cons. Cost is another aspect that is important to buyers. The Ring Chime has features that include:

In life, everything there is the good and the bad. This device is no exception. From installation to add-ons let us take a look.

Easy to installRings are slightly delayed
Quickly senses motionSubscription cost
Loud and ClearHumming/buzzing
Receive alerts quicklyShort battery life
Many tonesExtender not included
PortableDevice sold separately

The cost of this device is $30 which is considerably low for home security. You should buy this if you want to upgrade your current doorbell or you need a better way to be alerted to who is at your door and around your premises. Combined together the features and cost is an easy low fuss way to hear louder and also see who is at your door.

Plug It In

The chime is easy to install and is simply plugged in wherever you need to hear it. It is also capable to be taken out and plugged into any outlet without hassle. Once in it is ready to go!

Loud Chimes

The doorbell chimes at a pre-stalled loud and clear volume. You can plug in more than one chime to your doorbell so it can be heard in other rooms. It can also be plugged into garages or guest houses; synced to the same doorbell. There are a variety of tones you can choose from that also affects the sound of your chime.

There Are Some Additional Fees

If there is a bad WiFi connection outside your home then you will need to purchase an extender. Also noted to store the recorded videos in your cloud there is a subscription fee. The option is $3 a month or $30 per year. The chime isn’t sold with the ring doorbell and will need to be purchased separately.

Some Other Annoyances

There are reports of humming or buzzing that can be annoying. There are some tricks to eliminate this problem and can be seen here The life of the battery could be short-lived based upon activity. It is possible that it could need to be changed as early as 3 months after installation.

Ring Chime Pro

Now you may have had your ring chime for some time and think you’re ready for an upgrade. Maybe you are a techie and want to have the latest in home security. Here we will devolve further into its features. The advancements include:

This model of the Chime is a little pricier than the original. The ring chime pro retails for $49.95. The kind of person that would need or wants this would want the convenience of not having to purchase an extender. There are differences from the original that is outlined below. From here you can make a decision when seeing it side by side.

No need for an extenderLengthy setup
Customization motion zonesChime + alerts share the same tone
Easy installationLouder alerts
Ring alerts chimeNeeds to be close to the router

The Ring Chime Pro is Within Reach

Unlike the Ring Chime, you don’t need to purchase a separate extender.  For those who have a poor WiFi connection, this is built right in. You won’t have to worry about an additional cost for an extender when you realize your connection does not reach as far as you thought, Just as before installation is a breeze.

Alerts You When You Need to Know

With the Ring Chime Pro, you are alerted whenever there is activity.  All it takes is a glance at your device. You can also program it to what type of alerts you want to receive.

This Will Take Longer Than You Think

As recently stated, it is easy but it was not mentioned that it was long.  The installation for the Pro is much longer than the original. There are just more prompts for you to follow than it initially had.  If it is not close to the router it may appear to not be working at all. If the plug-in is too far from the router then it will not work.

Ding Dong

For those that are hard of hearing the pre-installed sound and tone may be a welcome relief. For everyone else, it could be startling. You may want to address the sound and tone before testing.  Speaking of tones: for now, whichever one you choose is also the one that will ring out on your alerts.


You have your facts. It’s time for you to make an informed decision. Is it the price that you are looking for? Could it be an easy convenience that has more meaning? Which of these devices are worth it to you?