If you have a Ring Chime Pro, you will have noticed that it has a new feature: a glowing nightlight. However, if you are not enjoying this new service and would like to turn it off, here are the FIVE easy steps to disable the light.

In this article, you’ll learn how to disable the light on your Ring Chime Pro in an easy, step-by-step process. Hopefully, by the end, you won’t feel as frustrated as you would if things hadn’t gone correctly!

The Steps

You need to know how to turn off your Ring Chime Pro nightlight, but you may also want to know how the light automatically works, why your Chime Pro has a little flashing blue light, and what users have had to say about configuring their Ring Chime Pros and problems you may encounter.

  • Open the Ring App. This step is easy enough, you should already have the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet and can easily jump off whatever app you are currently using and connect to the Ring epicenter.
  • Click the Main Menu in the Top Left Corner. The main menu in the top left corner is obvious and easily accessible; it is also where you will click to begin almost any project on the app.
  • Click Devices. Once you click devices, you will see the few or many Ring products of your home listed here.
  • Click On Your Ring Chime Pro. As we are currently working on the Ring Chime Pro, simply click its name to access the many options for adjustment.
  • Click the Nightlight Toggle to Turn Off The toggle is the little blue dot on a blue line which when clicked, slides from one side to the other. In this case, one side will leave your nightlight on, while the other will turn it off.Step-by-step Guide to Turning Off Your Light

Will my Ring Chime Pro Nightlight Turn off During the Day?

The short answer is yes, your nightlight should not be on during the day. The automatic setting on your Chime Pro enables the device to detect daylight versus nighttime hours and respond accordingly by turning on and off the light.

However, several customers have vocalized complaints because their Pro does not mechanically adjust to the light and therefore the nightlight runs at all times. Whether these complaints are based on their dislike for the general aesthetics, the increased energy use, or from noticing that the Chime Pro is beginning to overheat, this can be a bit of a problem. Ring Chime Pro Customer Reviews

You can either contact your Ring support center to come fix your Pro to enable the automatic settings to work as they should, or you can turn it off completely using these simple steps.

What Is the Little Blue Light on my Chime Pro?

Even once you turn off your nightlight, there will always be a little blue light that flashes on your Ring Chime Pro. This light is important as it is the indicator that your Chime is plugged in, working, and connected to your WiFi.

If your blue light is not on, there is most likely a problem with your connection. Once again, you can assess and usually fix the problem through your Ring app on your phone.
Blue Light Ring Chime Pro

What Do I Do if I Cannot Turn off my Nightlight?

As we have discussed, some reviewers have mentioned that their automatic night light setting does not work properly. Hence why so many choose to simply turn it off.

Unfortunately there have also been several customers who have struggled to turn off their night light on the app. So if you have followed the above steps but your nightlight is still on, what can you do?

If you cannot fix your problem on the app, Ring support offers a variety of options including around-the-clock message service with real tech experts, a variety of pages dedicated to potential problems within each individual product, and a community page to speak with other customers about what has and hasn’t worked for them. 


Ring boasts that their security products are the best in the business for several reasons, but their most valuable service is the Ring app. It essentially allows you to control every device with ease from your own smartphone.

If you need to adjust any of the settings on your Ring products, including the Chime Pro, it should be as easy as clicking your screen a few times. To turn off your night light is as easy as it gets, unless there is a bigger problem with the device, in which case Ring support is there for you.