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Red Light On Spectrum Router? What It Means And How To Fix

Last Updated Nov 17, 2022
An internet router that is working correctly

Spectrum Routers are a useful tool that enables you to access the internet. However, a red light on your device can cause concern and a sign that something isn’t working right.

A red light that appears without another color light on your Spectrum router indicates that your internet connection is not functioning properly, which will prevent you from using the internet. There are several steps you can take to remedy this.

Learn more about what a red light on your Spectrum Router below and how to ensure that it is in working order.

Spectrum Router Light Guide

If your Spectrum router is plugged in and powered on, you can use the LED lights on the front of the device to gauge the device’s health and internet connection status.

Here are some basic guidelines for understanding your Spectrum Router:

  • Depending on your Spectrum Router model, a solid or flashing green or blue light indicates that it is functioning properly and no problems are detected. 
  • If you notice two colors flashing one after the other, this isn’t a problem; it is just the router updating itself.
  • If you observe a red light, especially one not flashing with another colored light, you may correctly assume that there is a problem preventing internet connectivity. 

A few issues could trigger a red light on your Spectrum router, but not all are cause for concern. Read on to find out what these lights mean and how to address them.

When a Red Light Isn’t a Problem

If you notice a red light on your Spectrum router blinking back and forth with a blue light, it is a sign that your router is updating itself.

This red and blue light sequence isn’t a cause for concern. Simply allow the lights to keep blinking so the router can keep updating itself, which should finish without your intervention.

When a Red Light is a Problem

If you see a red light that blinks without a blue light or that shows a solid red color, you need to intervene to fix an issue with the internet. 

A blinking red light means the Spectrum Router can’t connect to the internet. This could be because of an issue with the Spectrum service or damage to internet connection lines, but there are steps you can take to fix the problem on your own.

A solid red light means that there is some type of issue that the router can’t resolve on its own, most likely due to some issue with your router or home connection Ethernet cables.

Regardless of which type of light you observe, there are several fixes you can try to return your Spectrum Router’s LED light to blue. 

Reboot and Restart your Modem and Router

No matter which light you observe, a good first step to fixing your Spectrum Router is to reboot and restart it with a power cycle. This easy process won’t take you more than ten minutes.

Follow these steps to reboot and restart your router:

  1. Unplug your modem from the wall
  2. Turn off your router by pressing the button on the front of the device. You should also turn off other devices connected to the router, like phones and computers.
  3. Plug the modem back in and wait for two minutes
  4. Turn your router back on using the same button that you used to turn it off, and wait two minutes. 
  5. Restart your connected devices

If this does not fix the red light, you can take more specialized steps to attempt to fix the blinking or solid red light.

Don’t forget to check your WiFi extenders to see if there are any other issues with your internet quality.

Check Spectrum’s Service

If you still observe a blinking or solid red light after restarting your system, you should investigate whether there is a Spectrum internet service outage in your area. 

You can do this by logging on to the Spectrum webpage and chatting with a representative who can give you more information on any provider outage that may impact you.

If you notice your Spectrum internet is slow, we’ve got some information on that.

Check your Connections

An important step to remedy a red light is checking your internet connections, including Ethernet ports and coaxial cables. Sometimes, these can get jostled and disconnect themselves.

For each connection wire, ensure the wire isn’t damaged and the ends are firmly connected to their ports, ensuring a steady internet connection to your router and modem. 

Once you’ve ensured that the cables are firmly in place for no physical connection issues, check the light again. 

The color that shows will tell you if you need to take further action to fix the Spectrum Router. 

Contact Customer Service

As a last resort, you should call Spectrum’s customer support department and describe your problem.

The representatives will be able to advise on the next best course of action, which may include replacing your device or completing the next step, which is a factory reset of your router.

If this consistently happens and you want to cancel your Spectrum service, the process is very easy.

Factory Reset your Spectrum Router

A drastic last step to remedy a red light is factory resetting your router. Note that this will remove all internet settings and customizations associated with your router.

To factory reset, you will need a thin, pointed tool. Once you have this, locate the factory reset button on the back of the device and press it down for 30 seconds before releasing it.

After a factory reset, wait for the router to reconnect with the internet. Once it connects, you should reconnect your devices, but note that your settings may differ.


A red light is concerning when you have a Spectrum Router, but following these steps to fix it may have your device working well again very soon.

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