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Rachio 3 Can’t Connect to WiFi (7 Fixes to Try)

Last Updated Oct 29, 2022
A sprinkler that is hooked up to Rachio 3

Having a smart garden or landscape goes along with owning a smart home. The Rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller is a great device to use when it is working properly.

The Rachio 3 smart sprinkler won’t connect to WiFi for various reasons, including 

  • Software issues with your Rachio 3 
  • Hardware issues with your router, modem, or Rachio 3 
  • User errors

Troubleshooting a tech issue with the Rachio 3 doesn’t have to be daunting. Below we have outlined seven fixes to help you get your Rachio 3 working again.

Troubleshooting The Rachio 3 WiFi Connection

Technology has its faults and benefits. It helps us improve our lives, but it becomes a bane when it stops functioning properly. Some ways to troubleshoot Rachio 3 problems are

  1. Check your router and modem
  2. Check for power failure
  3. Check for signal interference
  4. Check signal strength
  5. Open the correct ports
  6. Disable MAC address filtering
  7. Reserve the Rachio 3’s IP address

By working through each of these fixes, you should be able to get your Rachio 3 to connect to WiFi and function properly again. 

If you’re continuously having problems connecting the Rachio 3 to WiFi, there are some functions you can use without WiFi.

Below we have outlined more detail on each fix.

Router and Modem Troubleshooting

The first thing you should check if your Rachio 3 will not connect to the internet is the router and modem located in your home.

Some homeowners will have their router and modem they have purchased and set up for the internet, while others will use the equipment provided by the cable or internet company.

No matter which example affects you, this equipment can stop functioning properly. Many times it just needs to be reset and refreshed to start functioning again. Here’s how:

  1. Unplug the router
  2. Unplug the modem
  3. Wait 30 seconds with the devices unplugged and powered off
  4. Plug the modem into the wall outlet and power it on
  5. Plug the router into the wall outlet and power it on
  6. Wait for the power to recycle and refresh

After the power has come back on for the router and the modem, hop on your computer and test the internet connection. 

Try to Google a picture of a dog and see if it responds. If the web search comes back with results, the internet is refreshed. Try the Rachio 3 once more to see if it works too.

Check the Power Supply

Occasionally, the power supply to the Raciho 3 could be the root cause of the problem. If it is not plugged in, it will have difficulty establishing a connection to the internet.

The Raicho 3 is designed to be plugged into a power source at all times to function. A wall outlet is typically the most used power supply in this scenario. There is a backup power supply too.

You can check the fuse box to see if a breaker flipped, which may cause power to fail at the outlet. You can also check the wall outlet itself with a receptacle tester.

There are many different types of receptacle checkers, but we have made a chart below to outline some of the best ones.

Receptacle TesterPrice
Sperry Instruments Receptacle Tester$
Sperry Instruments Non-Contact Tester$
Klein Tools Outlet Tester$
Klein Tools GFCI Tester$

Receptacle testers will tell you if there is voltage being produced to an outlet or wire. This will prevent dangerous electric shocks and help troubleshoot the issue.

If it turns out that the outlet is malfunctioning and the breaker is on, it is time to call an electrician to come out and fix the issue.

Signal Interference

Regarding WiFi, having a strong signal without obstructions is key. This means it is important to move objects aware from the router and place them away from other electronics.

For example, placing a fake plant directly in front of your router is not ideal to try to make the area look nicer. This can weaken the signal and cause it to fail. 

You should also keep other electronics away from the router. Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and other objects can interfere with the signal.

The best way to fix an interference issue is to move any electronics away from the router and modem. Power them off for added effect.

If the Rachio 3 begins to work again, you can attribute the issue to the WiFi signal that was previously blocked.

Check Signal Strength

WiFi comes in the form of rays and signals from the router that is fed by the modem. When the signal; is produced, it can come in a wide array of strengths.

The stronger the signal, the better the WiFi connection for a device farther away from the router. If the signal is weaker, the WiFi may fail.

The best way to strengthen the WiFi signal in a home is to upgrade your internet speed or buy a WiFi extender. Some of the best WiFi extenders are:

WiFi ExtenderPrice
TP-Link AC750$

Each of these extenders can expand your WiFi signal by hundreds of square feet. This will help your Rachio 3 function properly anywhere in your home.

Open the Correct Ports

Sometimes, how your internet is set up can be why your Rachio 3 is not functioning. 

If you have created your home network and have adjusted your port settings individually, then you may need to readjust them to accept the ports for the Rachio 3.

Each Rachio device has specific ports that correlate with its device generation. Below is a table displaying which port goes with which device.

Port NumberRachio Generation/Service
53Generation 1, 2, Rachio 3
80Firmware updates
123Generation 1, 2, Rachio 3
443Generation 1, 2, Rachio 3
8883Generation 2, Rachio 3
31314Generation 1

The port number for the device and the firmware updates should be opened. Once this is done in your router and network settings, your Rachio 3 should work properly again.

Disable MAC Address Filtering

Another issue Rachio 3 could be running into is a problem with MAC address filtering. MAC address filtering is meant to help block traffic from unknown devices. 

This allows you to run a more secure home network and prevent fraudulent users from hooking into your internet.

Your internet may see the Rachio 3 as an unbeknown device. Go into the settings on your router and add it as an acceptable device to circumvent this issue.

Reserve the Rachio 3’s IP address

When a device is hooked onto WiFi, it is assigned its unique IP address for the duration of the connection.

If the device is used infrequently, this can result in many different IP addresses over time. This can confuse the network and the Rachio 3. 

If this is the case, reserve an IP address for the Rachio 3. Every time it goes online, it will be assigned the same IP address.

You can accomplish this through the router settings of your specific brand of router. Most routers provide step-by-step instructions to help users create this instance too.

Get Connected Again

The Rachio 3 is a great smart sprinkler controller. Not only does it have a convenient app, but it also has a modern design. 

Once you work out the kinks, it will be the ideal smart home sprinkler controller.

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