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Netflix Not Working on a Samsung TV

Last Updated Jun 15, 2022

With Netflix, you have access to many series, movies, shows, and other content for your relaxation and enjoyment purposes. If you have a Samsung smart TV, it already features a dedicated Netflix app to make it more convenient for you. However, if you have issues with Netflix connecting or not working on your Samsung TV, this article is for you. So why is Netflix not working on your TV? 

Usually, Netflix is supposed to work on your Samsung TV without any issues or difficulties. Still, it can crash, lag, not load, or experience some other technical issue on some occasions. Most of these issues can easily be fixed by closing and reopening the app, while others may require additional measures to fix it.

Netflix is arguably the world’s most popular video streaming platform, and as such, it constantly updates its platform, and issues are quickly detected and fixed. Therefore, if your Netflix is not working, you do not have to panic. In this article, you’ll find out the different issues your Samsung TV may experience when trying to connect with Netflix and the steps by which these issues can be fixed.

Reasons Why Netflix is not Working on Your Samsung TV

Because Netflix relies on apps, internet connectivity, and third-party hardware like your TV to function, issues are occasionally bound to come up from time to time that might make your Netflix not work. 

In many cases, it may either be a general downtime from Netflix, the app failing to open correctly, opening with a black screen, issues with network connectivity, or generally unable to play your movies and shows.

We will highlight each of these possible issues and others and identify how they can be resolved to get your Netflix back working properly. 

Possible Netflix Downtime

It may be a general issue when your Netflix abruptly stops working or fails to load a movie or show even though your network connection is good and your account/app is in good condition. Unfortunately, you’re likely not the only one experiencing it.

To be sure, first, check the Status Page on your Netflix to see if it is up or down. If Netflix is generally down, all you have to do is wait it out till it gets back up. However, if Netflix is up and you’re experiencing these issues, it could be something else.

Netflix is not Loading

You may notice that the Netflix app is failing to load even though it’s not experiencing a general downtime. This can be a bit frustrating, especially because you do not know the issue.

The best thing to do in this situation is often the simplest thing. Just turn off your Tv and unplug it from the power source. Then, after a few minutes, you can plug it back on and try to load the Netflix app again. In many cases, this resolves the issue, but if the issues persist, contact your Samsung TV support unit.

Netflix Keeps Crashing

Nothing is as frustrating as Netflix crashing on you when you’re enjoying your movies or shows. Do the routine off/on procedure and reopen Netflix again when this happens. This should solve it, but what happens when it crashes again after that?

You’ll need to sign out of Netflix on your Samsung TV and sign in again. Follow this simple process to do that:

  1. Open the Netflix app and click on Settings or Get Help.
  2. Click on the Sign Out option.
  3. Once you’ve successfully signed out, sign in again through the same means and input your password and username.

This should fix it. You may want to contact the Samsung support desk if it does not. If you would like to learn more about Samsung TVs, check out this article.

Samsung TV is Not Updating Netflix

Netflix is always updating its platform and adding new features, but you may experience issues with updating at some. These issues could be that the app is hanging or not responding when you click on the Update option.

To resolve this, as is the routine, the first thing to do is turn off the TV and unplug it. Then, turn it back on and try to update. Finally, sign out of your Netflix account; sign in again if this does not work. Usually, this should fix it, but you may need to uninstall the app and reinstall it if it doesn’t. 

When this is done, the app automatically downloads its latest version and updates on its own. So don’t worry about your saved shows, it won’t be lost when you uninstall Netflix.

Black Screen

Have you tried turning on your Samsung TV to enjoy Netflix and all you see is a black screen without sound when you try loading the app? This could be because the app is corrupted and would require that you uninstall and reinstall it.

Before doing that, try out the normal routine of turning off and on and signing out and in. Then, you can uninstall and reinstall when those don’t work. If it does not work still, your Samsung TV software may be having an issue. You can do a Smart Hub reset to rectify this but note that this wipes off every data from your TV and should only be done when everything else has failed.

How to Do a Smart Hub Reset

To do a Smart Hub reset:

  1. Go to the Home screen of your Samsung TV.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Support option.
  4. Go to Device Care and click on the Self Diagnosis option.
  5. Then click on the Reset Smart Hub option at the bottom of your screen.
  6. Enter your TV pin (default pin is 0000)
  7. Once this is done, you have successfully reset the TV.

Now you know everything there is to know about your Samsung TV’s Netflix not working.


Whatever the issues are that are making Netflix not work on your Samsung TV, you can resolve them by either turning off and on your TV, signing out and in on your Netflix account, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and checking to be sure that your internet connection is good at all times.

Also, ensure that you have an active Netflix plan and that the issue is not a general downtime on the part of Netflix. When all these are covered and the problems persist, do not hesitate to contact Samsung support to assist you in identifying and resolving the issues. 

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