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Nest and SmartThings Compatibility (Nest Hello, Thermostat, and more)

Last Updated Oct 30, 2021
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A great smart home relies on a variety of products working in sync. With so many different brands on the market, it can be difficult to keep track of the compatibility of different smart home devices. To help, I researched the compatibility of Nest and SmartThings products.

While SmartThings is not officially part of the “Works with Nest” program, prior to September 2019, users could connect their devices using the NST Manager app. No new connections can be made after August 31, 2019, but prior connections may still work.

In order to keep previous connections between Nest and SmartThings devices, it is important that you do not migrate your Nest account to a Google account. This article will go over what does still work with Nest and SmartThings devices as well as future plans for more compatibility.

Nest and SmartThings Aren’t Compatible

Google purchased Nest and incorporated Nest devices into its collection of smart home products. This Google integration removed Nest compatibility with many other products including SmartThings as of September 2019.

Previous Nest and SmartThings Compatibility

For users who created their Nest account before August 19, 2019, and didn’t migrate their Nest account to Google Home, SmartThings compatibility is still possible.

You may receive emails asking you to transfer your Nest account to a Google account. This transfer is optional. If you transfer your account, you will lose compatibility between your Nest and SmartThings devices.

Unfortunately, if you have already migrated to a Google account, you cannot go back to a Nest account.

Compatibility With NST Manager

The NST Manager is a free app that provides compatibility between all SmartThings devices and the following Nest products:

  • Nest Cams
  • Nest Hello doorbell
  • Nest Protect smoke and CO2 alarm
  • Nest Thermostats

SmartThings is not compatible with the Nest x Yale Lock or Nest Secure Alarm through the NST Manager.

Since 2019, some users have reported that NST Manager is not working properly. For other previous users, their devices remain connected and continue to function well together.

Click here for more information about the NST Manager app.

Current and Future Compatibility

If you are a new Nest device owner, you will have to set up your Nest products in the Google Home app, so SmartThings integration with the NST Manager isn’t possible.

Google has stated that they plan to re-add some Nest compatibility in the future. Currently, Google is taking requests from third parties who want access to the APIs of Nest devices so that they can integrate their products with Nest devices.

Compatibility between Nest and third-party devices is expected to be available by the end of 2020. Because SmartThings devices are compatible with Google Assistant, we can expect more Nest and SmartThings compatibility in the future.

Google has also stated that Nest device owners will receive an email update when the “Works with Google Assistant” program offers similar features to the “Works with Nest” program for seamless migration.

New Google Nest Compatability

If you are a new Nest user, or you already migrated from a Nest to a Google account, none of your previously compatible third-party devices will work with your Nest devices.

However, Nest devices gained some new compatibility when they joined the Google family. Check out this list of dozens of smart home devices that work with Google Assitant.

Nest and Google Assistant

You can use Google Assistant on your phone, tablet, or Google Home to control various Nest devices. Here are the Nest devices that are compatible with Google Assistant:

  • Nest Cams
  • Nest Hello doorbell
  • Nest Thermostats
  • Nest Secure Alarm
  • Nest x Yale Lock

If you previously set up your Nest devices using the Nest app, and you want to use the devices with Google Assistant, you will need to migrate your Nest account to a Google Account. Follow the steps below to migrate your account:

  1. In the Nest app, click on the settings icon.
  2. Select “Account”.
  3. Select “Migrate to a Google account”.
  4. Click “Continue with Google”.
  5. Choose your Google account.
  6. Select “Allow”.
  7. Follow the prompts to disconnect your “Works with Nest” devices and invite family and household members to join your new Google Nest account.
  8. Select “Complete Migration” to finish the process.

SmartThings and Google

While Nest and SmartThings are not directly compatible, you can use Google Home to incorporate both Nest and SmartThings products in your home.

To use SmartThings devices with Google Assistant, you need to authorize Google Assitant in the SmartThings app. Then, you can add specific SmartThings devices in the Google Home app. You can also assign the devices to groups using “Rooms”.

Once SmartThings and Google Assistant are connected, you can voice-control your SmartThings devices. Click here for instructions to set up and use Google Assistant with SmartThings.

You can even create routines to automate actions from both Nest and SmartThings devices. This page has directions on how to use pre-made Google routines or create your own.

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