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Nest and IFTTT Compatibility (Nest Hello, Thermostat, Camera, Lock, and More)

Last Updated Jun 14, 2020
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Nest and IFTTT Compatibility

IFTTT is a free way to connect multiple devices in your smart home for improved efficiency and automation. If you own one or more Nest devices such as the Hello doorbell, Nest Cam, or Yale Lock, you will want to know if IFTTT works with your Nest devices.

Nest and IFTTT Compatibility: Nest devices are not compatible with IFTTT as of September 2019. Previous Nest and IFTTT users may still have compatibility if they do not migrate their Nest account to Google. The Nest Yale Lock is not IFTTT compatible.

Read on for more information on how to keep compatibility if you have previously connected your Nest and IFTTT accounts. You can also connect and automate your Nest devices using Google Assistant. 

Nest Is Not IFTTT Compatible

Nest is now owned by Google. When Google removed the “Works with Nest” program, it removed IFTTT compatibility as well. This means any IFTTT Applets that previously worked with Nest devices stopped working after August 31, 2019. 

Google claims that this removal of access will help increase security and privacy for your Nest devices. However, many users are upset about this loss of compatibility. In an attempt to appease users, Google allows previous Nest users to keep their devices integrated with IFTTT Applets. 

Previous Nest and IFTTT Users 

If you previously set up Nest Applets with IFTTT, they will still work as long as you do the following:

  • Keep your Nest devices connected to IFTTT. If you disconnect them for any reason, you will not be able to reconnect them. 
  • Keep your Nest account and continue to use the Nest app. When you open the Nest app, you may be prompted to migrate your Nest account to a Google account. Simply ignore the prompts, and do not migrate your account. If you migrate your Nest devices to a Google account, your Nest IFTTT Applets will no longer work.

Before September 2019, IFTTT Applets were available for the following Nest devices:

  • Nest Cams
  • Nest Hello doorbell, which is considered a Nest Cam in IFTTT Applets
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Protect

No IFTTT Applets exist for the Nest Yale Lock. 

Future Nest IFTTT Compatibility

Google announced that it would integrate Nest devices into its “Works with Google” program by the end of 2020. Therefore, it is presumable that some IFTTT compatibility will return to your devices. 

It is not yet known what apps and programs will be available. Third parties must request access to a Nest API in order to integrate Nest devices. Once Google provides access, individual users will be able to control and monitor their Nest devices with approved third party programs. 

Click here for more information about the new Google Nest compatibility and to sign up for email updates.

Google Home Routines

All Nest devices work with Google Assistant, so a lot of Nest integration and automation is possible without using IFTTT. Nest devices can be incorporated into Google’s pre-made routines, or you can create your own routines. 

Pre-made Routines

Google Home has six pre-made routines. Within the pre-made routines, you can choose from a list of specific actions and adjust the settings for those actions. For example, when you say “Hey Google, I’m leaving”, your Google Assistant can adjust compatible lights, plugs, and thermostats in your home.

Choose a “Ready-made” routine in the Google Home app under Routines. Click here for more instructions and details about the six pre-made routines. 

Custom Routines

Follow the steps below to create a custom routine with your Google and/or Nest devices.

  1. Select “Routines” in the Google Home app.
  2. Select “Add a routine”
  3. Tap “Add commands” and “Add”.
  4. Enter the phrase you will say to start the routine. 
  5. Tap “OK” and “Save”. 
  6. Tap “Add action”.
  7. Choose the actions that will take place with this routine. 
  8. Select “Add”.
  9. Tap “Add media”.
  10. Select a media source to play from at the end of the routine. You can also customize specifically what plays from that source by clicking on the settings icon. 
  11. Tap “Add” and “Save”. 

You can also create a schedule for Google Assistant to automatically perform this routine on specific days and times. Under “When”, select “Set a time and day”. 

Google and IFTTT

If you want more integration outside of the products already compatible with Google Assistant, you can use IFTTT Google Assistant Applets. IFTTT Applets are compatible with all forms of Google Assistant including phones, tablets, and Google Home devices. 

 Here is a list of the IFTTT Applets that work with Google Assistant. 

You can even create your own IFTTT Applets for your Google devices and soon for your Nest devices as well. The steps are listed below:

  1. Select your account icon in the top-right corner.
  2. Select “Create”.
  3. Select “This”.
  4. Search for Google Assistant or Nest.
  5. Follow the steps to create your Trigger.
  6. Click on “That”. 
  7. Select the service you want to connect to your Google or Nest device. 
  8. Click on “Connect”.
  9. Follow the steps to complete the Applet. You may need to sign in to the services you’re connecting with your account information, so have it handy. 
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