Nebula Capsule AirPlay Not Working: Troubleshooting


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When you go outside and set up your outdoor paradise, it is nice to add a Nebula Capsule to your setup. This is because it allows you to watch TV outside without a big screen. Just point it at the side of a house that is one color and blank and enjoy. Sometimes though, the Nebula Capsule does not work when trying to AirPlay and people wonder why.

Sometimes the Nebula website does not have all the answers when easily accessible online. They request that you email or call them to work through the issue. If you do not feel like dealing with them in person or talking on the phone, keep reading to learn some of the best troubleshooting tips you can use for some of the most common Nebula Capsule problems.

AirPlay Disconnect

It can be extremely frustrating when AirPlay on the Nebula Capsule does not work properly. To combat this, you’ll need to try some simple troubleshooting techniques. Most of these techniques are user-friendly and don’t require a background in tech. Others may require you to hire a tech or make a phone call. Some reasons the Nebula Capsule AirPlay won’t work are:

  1. Firmware isn’t up to date on your iOS device or Nebula Capsule
  2. Poor internet connection 
  3. Bluetooth connection issues
  4. Software or hardware issues
  5. Trying to view unsupported content

Continue reading to find out how to fix what’s going on with your Nebula Capsule and why it’s having issues with AirPlay.

Be Aware of Firmware

One of the main reasons why the AirPlay functionality does not work properly between an iPhone and a Nebula Capsule is due to firmware issues. Firmware is updated regularly by both Apple for the iPhone and Anker for the Nebula Capsule. These updates are usually pushed out and completed during the downtime of a phone or a projector.

If these firmware updates are missed, it can render an iPhone or the Nebula Capsule useless. This is because once a company pushes out an update, it typically stops supporting prior versions of the same software for safety reasons. Go into the settings for either device and navigate to firmware updates. Ensure they are up to date or install them if they are outdated.

It Continues to Lag

One problem often reported when using AirPlay with the Nebula Capsule is lag. The sound or image becomes choppy and lags and pixelates. This ruins the show and the mood for everyone involved. It can also freeze intermittently or lose the overall image or audio associated with the media simultaneously or separately.

If this begins to occur, first check to ensure that the iPhone and the Nebula Capsule are both on the same network WiFi settings. If they are, reset both the iPhone and Nebula Capsule. Wait a few minutes in between turning them back on. Pair them and start the show again. The lag should be gone. If it isn’t, attempt another one of our troubleshooting steps.

AirScreen Instead of AirPlay

When the image quality and sound quality stop working well with the Nebula Capsule during playback, it may be wiser to switch over to AirScreen instead of AirPlay. It is a different type of receiver that works better with Apple products regarding screen sharing or mirroring overall. It is both fast and easy to use.

Another thing to consider is that not all content is supported via AirPlay due to copyright laws. Try viewing something else to see if it works.

Remote Problems 

Sometimes the remote control for the Nebula Capsule will stop working properly. This can be determined when you look for the flash of the infrared light and see nothing but darkness. This tale of sorrow is easy to fix. This is typically due to a battery running out of juice. Simply replace the batteries inside of the remote. The light should be back on, and you should be ready to go.

If the batteries inside the remote were not the problem, your light would still be dark, and you will not get functionality from it. When this is the case, it is usually due to an internal component within the remote itself. To fix this, you can either call the manufacturer for a replacement or buy a replacement online at a retailer like Amazon.

Nebula Capsule Keeps Resetting Itself

Occasionally the Nebula Capsule has a bad day and begins to reset itself repeatedly. This is annoying for you and the projector. If you notice this happening immediately, go and unplug it or turn it off. Wait ten minutes before turning the Nebula Capsule back on. It should begin to function properly again without constantly resetting.

If this does not fix the problem, it is important to call the customer support line on the Nebula website. This is because it could be an internal issue with the hardware that must be addressed. If you open up the projector while it is under warranty and try to fix it yourself, you will be out of the free repair because it will void the warranty. Make the call; it is worth it for this.

Get Lost in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Once you get your Nebula Capsule up and running appropriately again, it is time to get back outside and enjoys the show. Invite some friends, have a BBQ and sit back in the natural ambiance of a starry-filled sky. It is worth the troubleshooting time to enjoy the perfect night outside.

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