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NBC: What Channel is It on Each Cable Provider? (DirecTV, Dish, Spectrum, and More)

Last Updated Sep 19, 2022
NBC Studios sign

There is nothing quite like knowing that your favorite show is airing tonight. Streaming services have made this thrill less common, since we now have access to everything at once. However, some of us still love waiting for scheduled programming to come on. One channel you may watch every week is NBC. But, what channel can you find this network on?

NBC is a standard channel for many cable providers, and each broadcasts the network on different channels. The channel you will find NBC on depends on your region and cable package, so it’s often best to check your local listings to find the exact station. 

Below, we will discuss the channels that different TV providers air NBC on. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

What Channel Can I Find NBC On?

Many of us have had a love affair with our favorite shows for years. Some of the best television shows have been around for years and are still going strong. 

Many of those shows come from the NBC network. Knowing that this channel airs the shows we love is the easy part. Finding NBC’s channel for your cable provider could be more difficult. 

Since NBC needs to make a deal with each cable provider individually, they are not available on all the major cable providers in the United States. 

When they are available, it can be tricky to determine which channel NBC airs on. Things like your region and even the package you subscribe to can all impact which channel NBC broadcasts on.

What Cable Providers Offer NBC?

There are a number of different cable providers, and they all have unique ways of setting up their channels. Some of the cable providers that often include NBC in their standard packages include: 

  • DirectTV
  • Dish 
  • Spectrum 
  • Xfinity 

Let’s look at each individually and break down where you can find NBC’s channel. 


The channels DirecTV assigns for NBC differ from state to state, and in some cases, even city to city. You will need to check your local listings to find the channel number for your area. 

Some of the channels DirecTV airs NBC on include:

  • Channel 5 in Dallas
  • Channel 12 in Florida
  • Channel 4 in Michigan 
  • Channel 9 in Colorado
  • Channel 39 in San Diego
  • Channel 7 in other areas of California

Contact your local DirectTV provider if your region is not on this list. 


Dish recently had some trouble when it came to providing some of the biggest network channels around, and this includes NBC. Negotiations failed, and Dish was forced to remove some big-name channels from its line-up. 

But after a lot of hard work and dedication, they have succeeded in getting negotiations back underway and eventually making a deal that would see NBC and other big networks returning to the Dish cable selection. 

NBC is now included on all Dish network’s available packages. This has made many fans happy since they no longer need to miss out on their favorite shows.

The channels you will find NBC on through Dish vary greatly, based on both the package you subscribe to and the region you live in. Normally, however, you can find NBC between channels 2-70 on the Dish network. 


You will find NBC on different channels of Spectrum, depending on where you live. In most cases, it will be towards the lower channel numbers, but NBC’s HD option will be found towards the higher channel numbers. In some areas, like Bakersfield, NBC will not be available to watch live at all.

Luckily Spectrum does offer a “Spectrum on Demand” feature where you can find some of your favorite NBC shows. 

Some of the channels where NBC can be found on Spectrum include: 

  • Channel 4 or 1023 in Los Angeles
  • Channel 7 or 1203 in San Diego
  • Channel 4 in Anaheim
  • Channel 4 or 1203 in Austin
  • Channel 12 or 1012 in Indianapolis
  • Channel 13 in Kansas City
  • Channel 4 or 1203 in New York
  • Channel 13 or 1203 in Albany 

These are just some of the channels where NBC can be found. To find the channel for your location, contact your local service provider. 


You can watch NBC through Xfinity when it is available in your area. To find out which channel you can find NBC on, go to the Xfinity website and enter your zip code to view your local listings. 

You can also watch NBC on the Xfinity app at no additional cost. 

Knowing Where to Watch NBC

NBC has some great shows. However, because of the wide variety of local programming this channel airs, the exact channel you can find it on varies based on your cable provider and your location. 

Check your provider’s local listing guide to learn which channel you can find NBC on.