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My Xfinity WiFi Is Connected But Not Working: Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated Jun 21, 2022

These days having access to the internet is paramount. Being without the internet is like losing a utility. It is as if the power went out. It is even more frustrating when the WiFi seems to be connected, and the internet still isn’t working. Luckily, that’s generally only a few things, and even the most tech-illiterate can troubleshoot these problems with these simple steps.

Many people can be quite scared of troubleshooting, but many problems can be solved by simply turning everything off and then turning everything back on again. Sometimes a simple reboot is all that is needed; if not, a few more tricks might have to be tried. 

Troubleshooting Xfinity WiFi Connection Issues

Even though Xfinity has amazing WiFi available to its customers, there can be a few issues with your WiFi, such as your router and modem saying there’s internet, but no devices in your home have WiFi, so what’s going on?

Your Xfinity WiFi may still be connected because your internet connectivity and WiFi network are two separate things. You will be back up and running by restarting the modem and the WiFi router and trying a few other simple troubleshooting steps.

If you constantly have to reset your modem and router, it might be better for you to purchase your own rather than renting from Xfinity. 

Keep on reading to learn how to perform these excellent troubleshooting tips.

Using The Xfinity My Account App To Troubleshoot and Restart

One handy tool that Xfinity has created for those who have a problem with their WiFi working but still have no access to the internet is the Xfinity My Account App. With it, you can access a simple troubleshooter that will attempt to correct your problem automatically and perform a soft restart.

There are two different kinds of restart, a soft restart, and a hard restart. A soft restart is a software-aided restart where the machine just restarts itself. A hard restart is where the power to the device is completely killed, and the device is brought up from being completely powered down.

Perform a Soft Restart Using the Xfinity My Account App

To perform a soft reset on the Xfinity My Account App to resolve the problem:

  1. Open the Xfinity My Account App
  2. Navigate to the Internet option
  3. Select Modem/Router
  4. Click Restart This Device

This process should take a couple of minutes. Try the next troubleshooting section if the problem hasn’t resolved after a soft reset.

Troubleshooting With The Xfinity My Account App

There is also a simple troubleshooting wizard (just an automatic program) built into the Xfinity My Account App that may be able to solve your problem. First, open the Xfinity My Account App on your phone or tablet; from there:

  1. Navigate to Internet 
  2. This step has different instructions depending on your phone’s operating system:
    • Android Users: select the Troubleshoot option
    • Apple Users: select the Restart this Device option
  3. Click on Start Troubleshooting
  4. After the scan has completed, a message should pop up on the screen saying:
    • Restarting your device should take less than 10 minutes. This will not erase any of your settings or change your Wi-Fi name or password. If you have Xfinity Voice, we won’t restart until all in-progress calls are finished.”
  5. Click on Restart Device
  6. Once the device has restarted, check to see if the internet is working on your device; if it is, click Yes; if not, click No.

If you selected Yes, great! Your internet is now working! If you selected No, the troubleshooter should display some more options to continue to help solve your issue. Follow the on-screen instructions.

If the Xfinity My Account App troubleshooter fails to solve your problem, it may be time for a hard restart, which is nothing more than a simple power cycle.

A Simple Hard Restart

First, you must figure out what type of modem and router your internet is coming into your house. It sounds harder than it is. More than likely, if you are like most people, you are renting your equipment from Xfinity, and your router and modem are a 2-in-1 machine. Otherwise, you will have a separate modem and router.

The simplest way to determine which one you have, a 2-in-1 router/modem combo or a separate modem and router, is to see if you have two devices or one. It’s that easy. If there are two devices with lights on them that your internet comes through, then you have a separate modem and router. 

If you only have one device with lights on it that your internet comes through, then you have a 2-in-1 router/modem combo. The steps to restart them aren’t all that different, but they are slightly different, but if you are still uncertain, you can just turn off the devices, wait 5 minutes, then turn them back on, no matter the configuration.

Just follow the directions for whichever configuration most closely resembles yours:

Separate Modem and Router Hard Restart

  • Turn off power to Modem. The modem is the one that has a coaxial cable going into the back of it (also known as a cable TV cable) or a Fiber Optic cable in the case of fiber internet. 
  • Turn off power to the Router. The Router will have an ethernet network cable to the modem and wireless antennas, although the antennas won’t always be visible, depending on the model.
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Turn the power to the modem back on. You want to wait until all the modem lights come back and are steady.
  • Turn the power to the router back on.
  • Wait about 5 minutes for the router to fully boot up
  • Reboot the device you were trying to connect to the internet
  • Test device to see if you can access the internet

2-in-1 Router / Modem Combo Hard Restart

  • Turn off power to Router / Modem Combo. If there is no power button, just unplug the power cord.
  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Turn power to the Router / Modem combo back on. If you just unplugged the power, plug the cord back in. You want to wait until all the modem lights come back and are steady.
  • Wait about 5 minutes for the Router / Modem to fully boot up
  • Reboot the device you were trying to connect to the internet
  • Test device to see if you can access the internet


If the Xfinity My Account App soft restart, troubleshooter, or hard restart hasn’t brought your internet back, remember to reboot the device you were trying to connect to. It’s a simple, easy-to-forget step but a very important one. If your internet still doesn’t work, it’s possible there may be an outage or a problem only your ISP can solve.

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