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My Fire TV Cube is Showing a Black Screen: Troubleshooting

Last Updated Nov 18, 2021
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Although a black screen showing after you’ve turned on your Fire TV Cube is disappointing, it doesn’t necessarily mean your Fire TV Cube is toast. While the black screen isn’t what you were expecting to see, there’s good news on the horizon. Other Fire TV Cube users have experienced this same situation, and there are a few simple troubleshooting tips that are known to work.

Generally, the screen is black on your Fire TV cube either due to an incorrect cable connection or an insufficient power source or supply. There are a few troubleshooting options to fix this issue and get you to watch your favorite shows soon.

As mentioned, there are some very simple solutions to your Fire TV Cube showing a black screen. And, they’re things you can try on your own. For troubleshooting tips to solve the problem of a black screen showing on a Fire TV Cube, keep reading.

Steps to Troubleshooting Fire TV Cube on Your TV

You’re sitting in front of a black screen. That’s a problem. Let’s fix that!

Up next, some simple steps to troubleshooting this issue, including double-checking all cables to make sure they’re connected and unplugging the cords for a quick reset.

Check Cables and Plugs

This might seem obvious, but it’s often the easiest and most common solution. Ensure all cables are plugged in all the way. You should also check your user guide and make sure all cords are installed where they need to be and done properly.

Make Sure Fire TV Cube is Plugged into a Working Power Source

Make sure it is plugged into a sufficient power source. If the answer here is yes, then give the rest of the room a quick once over. Are all of the other items plugged in still working? If not, you’ll need to check the breakers to make sure a switch isn’t tripped.

Replace Missing or Damaged Cables

If there’s any damage to the cords, they’ll need to be replaced. Thankfully, these cords are easy to find and just as easy to replace.

Reboot Device

Perform an easy reset or reboot on your Fire TV Cube. This is another easy step but often fixes the problem of a black screen right away.

Unplug Device

Unplug the device, wait at least ten seconds, and then start the device back up again. It is likely that your device just needed a reset.

This would be what is defined as a “hard reset.” When resetting your device, make sure to follow all TV prompts after on your Amazon TV Cube device, as you may have to reconnect to Wi-Fi and set up settings again. After following prompts, your device should be on, up, and running to view.

After Troubleshooting

After troubleshooting your device utilizing the steps listed above, your device should be up and running. Make sure to follow the prompts on the TV after starting back up to make sure to reconnect or reset anything as needed.

You may need to reconnect your device to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Follow all steps and prompts on the TV for correct set up so you can stream and watch your favorite shows as soon as possible.

My Device is Still Displaying a Black Screen. What Should I Do Now?

After following all the above troubleshooting steps, if your device is still not turning on, make sure to contact Amazon support for your device. For support, you can email, chat, or call a support specialist.

They can either give you troubleshooting tips over the phone or organize for you to get a new device if still under warranty. Make sure to reach out to a specialist for your needs. It is possible that your device is faulty or damaged.

If all parts are installed properly, and your power source is efficient, the device should be working. If not, make sure to reach out to an Amazon support specialist, as they might need to send out a replacement device to meet your streaming needs.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! All the steps you need to troubleshoot a blank, black screen from your Fire Cube TV. Start with the most simple and work your way down. Often, it’s a solution as easy as a cord is disconnected. This is especially common if your Fire TV Cube is in an area where wires could possibly be bumped into or stepped on.

Once you check all of the cables and cords, you can start working your way through our list of troubleshooting tips. You’ll be back to streaming your favorite shows in no time!

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