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Mounting the Ring Spotlight Camera (FAQs)

Last Updated Jan 18, 2023
Two Ring spotlight camera on bamboo

One of the fantastic features of the Ring Spotlight Camera is its versatility when it comes to mounting and installing it. Whether it’s the wired, battery, or hardwired version, you have many different options. The Ring Spotlight Camera comes with almost everything you need to get the job done, from the Ring app to mounting hardware. All you need is what you ordered—a few extra tools for masonry mounting—the Ring app (Android or iOS), and a place to mount it.

There are three different versions of the Ring Spotlight Camera, so we’ve put together this FAQ to help you get them mounted with as little frustration as possible. Fortunately, it’s not very frustrating to begin with.

How Do I Mount the Battery and Wired Ring Spotlight?

The Ring Spotlight wired version should be mounted near a power outlet; other than that, both the wired and battery versions install the same using the provided kit:

  1. Use a pencil and the mounting plate to mark out the holes for you to drill.
  2. Drill your holes with the drill bit that comes with the Spotlight, using carbide or diamond-tipped drill bits (sold separately) if you’re working with masonry. Place your mount plate so that it matches the holes.
  3. Screw the mounting plate in until it is tightly secured to the wall. Use Tapcon screws (sold separately) for masonry. On the back of the Ring Spotlight Camera is a swivel ball that pops into the mounting plate socket.

How Do I Mount the Hardwired Ring Spotlight Camera?

The hardwired version of the Ring Spotlight Camera is installed in place of an existing light fixture. The mounting plate screws in the same way as the battery and wired versions, except it will usually fit over a cover, with the mounting plate serving as the cap.

  1. Shut the power off from the circuit breaker.
  2. The black and white wires from the Spotlight Cam match and connect to the black and white wires from the light fixture. The red wire from the Spotlight Cam is optional in case you wish to tie in additional adjacent floodlights.
  3. When you screw the mounting plate on, make sure that the circular protrusion faces at a downward angle. If you’re mounting to a horizontal surface, the protrusion should face in the direction of where you want the camera to face.
  4. The Spotlight Cam slides into the circular protrusion, with the screw cap sliding over it. Turn the screw cap to lock it into place. Insert and screw in the security screw.

Can I Mount the Ring Spotlight Camera on an Eave?

You can mount the Spotlight Cam under an eave so long as you correctly orient the ball socket on the Spotlight Cam.

The Spotlight Camera comes with a ball socket on the back. You can remove the ball socket and reorient it on the top or the camera’s backside for hanging horizontally.

Once you’ve installed the mounting plate, the Spotlight Cam will mount directly upward into the socket so that the camera is aligned and facing correctly.

Can I Mount the Ring Spotlight Camera on Gutters or Vinyl?

Ring Spotlight Cameras don’t come with a gutter mount or vinyl mounts. However, you can purchase compatible mounts separately:

With these mounts, you can effectively mount the wired and battery Spotlight Cameras and orient them however you wish. While the Wasserstein and Aobelieve aren’t officially Ring mounting brackets, they’re highly reviewed and perfectly compatible.

Can I Mount a Solar Panel with the Ring Spotlight Camera?

You can mount a solar panel with the Ring Spotlight Camera; you can either buy the kit that comes with the Ring Spotlight Camera and the Ring Solar Panel or the Ring Solar Panel separately.

Either way, you can mount the solar panel however you like and plug it into the micro-USB charger on the Spotlight Camera.

You can also utilize the Vinyl and Gutter mounts to secure the two devices together, rather than mount the Ring Solar Panel separate from the Spotlight Camera. If you mount the Solar Panel separately, it comes with the tools to do so.

Mounting the Ring Solar Panel is essentially the same as the Ring Spotlight Camera. The same advice applies for using carbide or diamond-tipped drill bits and Tapcon screws for masonry, such as stucco and brick.

Can I Mount the Ring Spotlight Camera without Screws?

You can mount the Ring Spotlight Camera without screws, but you would have to do it at your own risk. While some Ring devices come with double-sided adhesive for mounting smaller devices that weigh less, the Ring Spotlight Camera doesn’t.

You would have to make sure that the double-sided adhesive is the right kind for the surface you’re mounting the camera to, that it’s designed for long-term use, and it’s weatherproof.

Over time, any adhesive can lose its adhesiveness and come loose, dropping the Spotlight Camera to the ground. Since Ring Spotlight Cameras are supposed to be installed at a decent height of 9’, a fall may cause irreparable damage.