Lutron Caseta vs. Wemo: Which is Best for Your Home?

lutron caseta smart dimmer light switchlutron caseta smart dimmer light switch

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Deciding between the Lutron Caseta or the Wemo for your home depends on what type of features you are looking for. Both choices offer smart lighting options that provide easy connectivity and versatility for your smart home profile. However, there are several differences between the two that need to be considered before making your choice.

Whether a Lutron Caseta or Wemo switch is best for your home depends on if you want a hub to connect to Wi-Fi or not. Lutron Caseta requires a hub to connect multiple switches to your home network, while Wemo uses your existing Wi-Fi with no hub required.

Making the switch to smart lighting for your home will require some research into pricing, features, pros, and cons. The Lutron Caseta and Wemo smart lighting systems are both quality choices with different requirements and price points. Now that Lutron and Wemo have multiple switches available, it pays to do your homework before deciding which one to purchase. Keep reading to find out which system will work best for your home.

Lutron Caseta vs. Wemo Smart Light Switches

Choosing the right smart light switch depends on what you are looking for. Also, you need to consider your budget and integrating features that match your lifestyle.

Next, we will compare the Lutron Caseta and Wemo smart light switches to highlight the major features you may be looking for in a smart switch:

 Lutron CasetaWemo
Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKitXX
Remote control with the appXX
Works with existing wiringXX
Hub required for connecting multiple switches (not included with single Lutron switch, separate purchase required)X 
Wi-Fi only X
Schedule light profiles for added home securityXX
Allow for dimming of your lightsXX (must purchase specific Wemo Dimmer Light Switch; not available on standard light switch)

Pros of Lutron Caseta Light Switches

Looking at the Lutron Caseta system, there are some helpful features to look at when researching this system. Let us look at some of them to help you make your decision:

  • Purchasing a hub is required for the integration of Lutron Caseta light switches. While the added expense can be seen as a con, the bonus of only having one item connected to the router can significantly increase Wi-Fi performance.
  • Another pro that Lutron Caseta users often mention is that a neutral wire is unnecessary for installation. This can make installation easier and compatible with more existing wiring. Also, self-installation can be simpler without the need for a neutral wire.
  • If the Wi-Fi goes out in your home, there is no need to worry about losing the ability to control your lights. The switch itself keeps your lighting connected, so Wi-Fi is not an issue. This is a significant pro for anyone who deals with Wi-Fi connectivity issues in the home.
  • With a convenient remote control, you can offer lighting control to friends and guests without needing to have them download an app. Full functionality is available from the remote.
  • There is no need to purchase a different version of the switch if you require dimming capabilities, as the Lutron Caseta has this feature built-in.

Pros of Wemo Light Switches

Next, we will look at the pros of Wemo light switches and ways to enhance your home with this choice:

  • The Wemo light switch does not require a hub. This can be a money-saving feature when you are looking to add multiple switches to your home lighting profile.
  • Using your home’s existing Wi-Fi, adding multiple switches to your home is easy when using the convenient app to add them to your profile.
  • The use of a neutral wire may add a few extra moments to your installation but will allow full utilization of the electrical current with your switch and home electricity.
  • The ability to safely control your ceiling fan is a bonus with the Wemo light switch.

Is Lutron Caseta or Wemo Better?

After looking at the pros for each smart switch and comparing their features, it can be helpful to review what actual users are saying about the Wemo and Lutron Caseta devices:

For homes that have excellent Wi-Fi connections, the Wemo is an excellent choice for a smart switch. Its lower price point is attractive to many, along with not needing a hub. Also, users often discuss the ease of installation, adding to the value. However, without two-factor authorization, some users feel that this is a strong con; ensuring top-notch security by having robust authentication protocols is a necessity for many users.

With the Lutron Caseta, while the use of a hub is required, the strain on your home’s Wi-Fi is significantly reduced. Also, you can use four-way switches, an often-requested benefit. For users looking for a lower price point, the Lutron Caseta has a higher initial output, which can affect a purchase decision. Lutron comes out on top with consistently exceptional customer service, which is desirable if you have questions or need troubleshooting.


The Lutron Caseta and Wemo smart switches offer high-quality lighting control for your home. Depending on your wiring setup, your choice of Wi-Fi versus a hub setup, and your budget, both of these products will give you excellent control over your home lighting.

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