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Lutron Caséta Compatibility Guide: Z-Wave, Zigbee, Alexa, Google, Apple, SmartThings

Last Updated Jul 5, 2020
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Instant control at the touch of a finger is the technological dream we all share.  Immediate responsiveness, seamless integration, and smart technology is the name of today’s game.  Lutron Caséta smart light devices offer that and so much more, but does it work with your existing tech? 

Smart TechLutron Caséta Compatibility
Amazon Alexa
Google Home
Apple HomeKit

Lutron Caséta can work with each of these devices or environmental programs.  However, there are a few caveats that need to be addressed first.  For clarity, let’s take a look at each device and application independently to see how Lutron Caséta can or cannot be compatible with it.

What is Lutron Caséta Compatible with?

The following devices and technologies are compatible to use with Lutron Caséta:

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Apple HomeKit
  • SmartThings

However, the list doesn’t stop here. For the full list, visit the Caséta Wireless website.

Lutron Caséta & Alexa

According to Caséta Wireless, connecting with Alexa is straightforward and easy.  Utilizing Lutron’s proprietary “Smart Bridge” hub, you can use Alexa to voice control a wide array of smart products, including lights, thermostats, and shades.

Caséta Wireless also notes that you’ll need an Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap, or Amazon Fire TV with voice remote to use Alexa.  Additionally, you will have to install the Amazon Alexa app on your device to set Alexa up.  

Lutron Caséta & Google Home

Connecting Caséta with Google Home gives you the power of voice assistant technology that can search for information, manage your personal schedule, control your lighting, and other smart devices all while integrating with your entire smart home system.

Whether you’re out for dinner or already in bed, Google Home teamed with Caséta can make sure the lights are off, the door is locked, and the alarm is engaged. 

Additional equipment requirements are a Google Home device or a compatible Android phone.

Lutron Caséta & Apple HomeKit

Caseta Wireless says that connecting your Caséta wireless lighting control through Apple HomeKit allows you to utilize their iOS system to control all enabled devices through a single source.  You can then use the Siri function to voice-control it all.

Working with Apple HomeKit, your Caséta lighting controls offer a seamless integration that manages lights, shades, and other personalized scenes with up to 50 additional integrated products.

Tasks can be scheduled to occur automatically, whether you’re home or not.  The additional security this single option offers is impressive, all on its own.  Lights, temperature, shade adjustment, favorite music through the house—all of it can be ready and waiting when you walk through the door. You can even customize each room individually, depending on personal taste.

Additional equipment needs are:

  1. A Lutron Smart Bridge Generation 2 OR Smart Bridge PRO 2
  2. iOS Lutron App for Caséta Wireless version 2.2 or later

Lutron Caséta & SmartThings

Pairing Lutron’s Caséta with Samsung SmartThings is also a great combination.  SmartThings works with a wide array of sensors, allowing you to control your home’s shades, lightings, security devices, cameras, thermostat, door locks, and more.  This results in a completely connected home lighting, monitoring, notification, and control system, all under your direct control.

Honestly, the potential is just about endless with the number of sensors and smart devices currently compatible with the SmartThings controller, according to Caséta Wireless.

Is Lutron Caséta Compatible with Z-Wave?

Lutron’s home site does not indicate it is compatible with Z-wave technology. However, you CAN run them concurrently, but with different bridges or hubs, if you choose to do so.

According to How to Geek, the Caséta has a custom RF version that is designed for its own proprietary hub (the Smart Bridge), which is included in Lutron’s starter kit. The Z-wave also requires a hub or bridge but may not work with the Caséta Smart Bridge.

Is Lutron Caséta Compatible with Zigbee?

At this time, Lutron’s Caséta Smart Bridge does not support Zigbee connectivity. However, as Caséta’s and Zigbee’s software and tech improve, it likely won’t be long until the two do support one another.

Final Thoughts

If you’re comfortable with the accessible technology inherent in products like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings, you will be over the moon with the integration capabilities Lutron Caséta has to offer.

The ability to not only control your home but have integrated information capabilities, voice managed control options, and scheduling features available with these popular control systems could really make your home not just smarter, but more efficient, too.

Additionally, since Lutron Caséta can work with the best known and most popular control systems from Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung, you can be confident that future technologies will integrate seamlessly with it as well.