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Kindle Fire HD 10 Will Not Turn On

Last Updated Jun 29, 2022

Tablet users have always admired Amazon’s line of tablets, the Fire Device. This set of unique tablets is popular, reliable, reasonably priced, and it comes with a selection of sizes and features. There are available Fire devices for every user, and they are perfect for kids because the tablet’s hardware is tough and they are cheap.

Although one issue bothers most Fire tablet users. This issue happens when your Fire Tablet won’t just turn on, in this case, the Fire HD 10. This needs to be fixed right away because if you don’t, you would not be able to use your apps or have access to your data. Although, there are some certain steps you can take to set this straight. In this article, we will take a look at said steps. 

Why is My Kindle Fire Not Charging Or Turning On?

If your Fire HD 10 device is not charging or turning on, certain issues can cause this. If your device doesn’t turn on or charge don’t abandon or toss it out yet. You just have to do some basic troubleshooting to find out these reasons and solve them, but if you can’t, then you would need to send your device back to the seller.  These are some of the causes your device may not charge or turn on.

Your Kindle Fire may not be charging or turning on because:

  • The Device may have insufficient power.
  • The internal hardware such as the battery may be damaged.
  • The charger or outlet may have issues.
  • Your data on the device may be damaged or corrupted.
  • The device may have software issues.

Either way, this can be solved by simple, but efficient steps you can follow so you don’t end up buying a new tablet or whipping out your warranty. If you would like to learn more about the Fire HD 10, check out this article.

In the next section, we are going to look at how you can fix these problems.

How Do I Fix My Amazon Fire Tablet That Won’t Turn On?

If you are having problems turning on your Amazon Fire tablet HD 10, you would need to troubleshoot it from the above problems. If you suspect any of these issues, there are certain steps you can take to get your Amazon Fire tablet back on track. So how do you fix an Amazon Tablet that is not on?

Your Device May Not Have Enough Power So Let It Charge

If your Amazon Fire won’t turn on, it may be that the battery is dead, and may need to be juiced up a bit. Even when you plug it in, it may be charging slow so allow the device to charge for more than 30 minutes, and try switching it on again.

Your Charger May Have Issues So Check the Charger

Ensure that you try using the charger that came with your Fire HD tablet if your phone refuses to switch on or charge. If the charger is broken, fix it, buy a new one or find one which can be compatible with your device. Avoid using the USB port of your personal computer to charge your Kindle Fire HD 10.

If Your Outlet Has Issues Try Using a Different Outlet

If your socket is bad, charge the device somewhere else. If you think the outlet is the problem, try plugging another device or appliance in that outlet to verify that it works. You can also try plugging your charger into another device that is compatible to make sure that the USB cable and the adapter are in good shape. 

Replace Your Tablet’s Battery Or Charging Port

Consider changing your Kindle Fire HD’s battery or charging port if you troubleshoot, and find out that the battery or charging port is bad. Amazon doesn’t replace batteries for their devices like other smart device companies like Apple, but you can find third-party manufacturers and engineers who can be able to carry out a battery or charging port replacement for you.

Force a Software Update in In case You Suspect It’s a Software Issue

This option may be your last resort before performing a factory reset. Your tablet may not be turning on because the software may be old. To force a software update, do this:

  • Hold both the power button as well as the volume up button for about 40 seconds.
  • Continue holding the volume up button until an “installing the latest software” message appears on your screen.
  • This update would complete in no time, and your tablet would reboot. 

This helps the tablet to reload its configuration, and probably correct all the issues that make it not switch on or charge. If it doesn’t, you can then go to the next step.

Perform Factory Settings If the Data Is Damaged Or Corrupted

Factory resetting your Kindle Fire HD 10 should be the last resort mainly if your device won’t charge or it can be turned on even for a short while. To carry out this process, do this:

  • Swipe down the Home Screen, and select the “settings” tab.
  • Select “device options”, and choose “reset to factory defaults”. 
  • Confirm your action, and wait for your device to fully reset. 

This would wipe all your settings and data from the tablet, and restore it to its original state (the time that you first bought it). Make sure you store important files and documents on your PC first, but everything Amazon-related is stored in the cloud.


People love the Amazon Fire Kindle HD tablets, but like all electronics, this device might stop turning on. When this happens, don’t panic. First, troubleshoot the problems, and apply the solutions accordingly. If this doesn’t work, you can then pick up your warranty, and take the device back to where you bought it. You may even go further by contacting Amazon to assist you on this issue.

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