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Kindle Fire HD 10 Will Not Charge

Last Updated Jan 14, 2022

Kindle Fire tablets are one of the most inexpensive gadgets you can get as your smart home hub in the market today. But one of the most common issues one might experience with this tablet is that it might just refuse to charge one day. So why does this happen?

The Kindle Fire HD 10 might not be charging because there may be issues with your charger (default adapter or USB cable that comes with the device). It may also not be charging as a result of a battery defect or the charging port of the Fire Kindle tablet itself getting loose.

It is also important to point out that if you are not using a compatible charger on your Kindle Fire Device, you may have a hard time getting the device to charge because the current output may not match the required input of the tablet. In this article, we’ll talk about what you can do if your Amazon Fire HD 10 will not charge, why it may not be turning on even after being charged and how to know if it’s charging. 

What Do I Do If My Amazon Fire Tablet Won’t Charge?

If your tablet is switched on, but the battery isn’t charging when you connect your Amazon Kindle charger, it may be from the adapter, cables, or the charging port itself. You would want to troubleshoot it first before you undergo the following steps below. 

When the Device Is On Won’t Charge

If your Amazon Fire tablet won’t charge even when it is switched on, do this:

  1. First, start by unplugging your device from its traditional charger or remove your device from the charging dock.
  2. Clean your charging port, and remove every dust and debris. This can not only hinder your charging speed but make your device completely stop charging.
  3. Perform a soft reboot by holding down the power button of your tablet for 40 seconds. Your device will restart.
  4. Reconnect your adapter to the socket, and your cable to the charging port of your tablet. 
  5. If your current charger is not working, try making use of another charger that is compatible with your Kindle device.

If you would like to learn more about the Fire HD 10, check out this article.

When the Device Is Off and Won’t Charge

If your device is turned off, and it’s refusing to charge, try all the steps above, and if it doesn’t work, do this:

  • The issue may be from your battery being completely dead so you might want to charge the tablet’s battery. Amazon doesn’t offer this so you would have to go to a third-party engineer to get it fixed.
  • It may also be as a result of your charging port as well, so go to an engineer, and get your charging port fixed.

If you have a warranty, you can take advantage by sending the device back to Amazon or the store where you got it, to be replaced.

Why is My Amazon Fire Tablet Not Turning On or Charging?

There are various reasons why your Kindle Fire HD 10 may not be charging or turning on, like we discussed above, you can troubleshoot your tablet to pinpoint what exactly is wrong with it. 

Here are some of the reasons your Amazon Fire HD may not be charging or turning on:

  • The internal hardware such as the battery may be damaged.
  • Your data on the device may be damaged or corrupted.
  • The charger or outlet may have issues.
  • The Device may have insufficient power.
  • The device may have software issues.

For issues with turning on, it majorly has to do with the battery or hardware as we talk above. We also discussed how you can identify and resolve it. But for the Amazon Fire HD not turning on, it may mostly be inclined to software issues. To troubleshoot and check how you can solve the issues of your tablet not turning on, visit here.

How Do I Know If My Kindle Fire Is Charging When it’s Dead?

Having clues if your Kindle Fire is charging is important especially when trying to resolve the no charge issue. Some Kindle devices come with an LED indicator for battery power, while some of them don’t, e.g. the Amazon Kindle E-readers. So how can you know if your Kindle Fire HD 10 is charging?

If your device’s battery is dead, and you want to know whether it’s charging, an LED indication is there to show you the status. When the indicator shines an amber light, this means that the device is currently charging. If green, it means that the device is fully charged. 

However, if there is no light on your indicator, it most likely means that your device isn’t charging at all. With this, you can be able to monitor your device as you troubleshoot it, and offer solutions to charging it again. 


Getting your Kindle Fire HD 10 to charge is important especially if you are using it as a hub for your smart home. This is because while you may be having issues with your charger, battery, or charging port, your smart home devices may be a sitting duck, and you might not have any other way to monitor them. Make sure you troubleshoot the charging problems first before you decide to head to Amazon!

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